Make Stuff Monday - an upcycled decorated box


It's been a while since I last decorated a box. Haven't bought anything that was packaged in a nice box....

Until 2 weeks ago... *winks*

I adhered the patterned paper to the cover of the box using gel medium then coated the top with clear gesso because I wanted to use wet mediums to create more interest on the background. 

I applied white gesso using the dry brush technique to create a white wash look.

I chose a floral patterned notecard as the "base" for my cluster. The edges were roughed up with scissors for texture. And I build my top and bottom clusters as extensions of the floral design on the paper.

I dry brushed some gold paint to tie all the gold elements together. And finished by adding ribbon to the sides of the lid of the box (yep...the same one that came with the box!)

I think it looks really pretty. What do you think?


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