Back to old-school scrapbooking...


My usual style of scrapbooking - messy background created with colorants + bits of pieces of scraps/found stuff - hasn't made it easy for me to really use up my patterned paper.  So I challenged myself to do some old-school scrapbooking....

Every time I was tempted to reach for a colorant, I used a tool or added more paper! *winks* I did cheat a little though...I used a black Sharpie + white pen to colour the date and Silks acrylic glaze to colour the gold numbers. 

My paternal grandma recently celebrated her 90th birthday. :)

And yes, I actually used a Martha Stewart punch [I have a drawer full of them].

Playing along with My Creative Sketches.


In case you were curious, here is my 12x12 paper stash - patterned paper + cardstock + scraps 

I haven't bought any in years [even though I do get a fair bit through design team gigs] and still have more paper than I need even though I have given a lot away too. I know some of you might possibly have more than I do but it would be nice to reclaim my nightstand for something other than paper right?*winks*


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A mish mash card

What do you do with a piece of corrugated board, remnant lace and leftover embellishment clusters from a previous project? Well, I made a mish mash card. *winks*

Not sure if everything goes together....but I added a shimmering mist to the black gessoed corrugated board and lace. And you know, if it glitters, it's all good. *LOL*

Happy weekend friends! If you have time, please play along with LESSology Challenge #50: Zip me up!.


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My last post for ColourArte: framed artwork


Hello friends! Today I'm sharing my last post for ColourArte: Framed Artwork.

I share a step-by-step tutorial on how I altered a cheap plastic frame and how I draw and paint my mixed media girl. I would love for you to have a look at my tutorial at the ColourArte blog. Thanks sweet friends! :)


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9 ways to give a new lease of life to household items

Sometimes I like to go "shopping" at home for items to alter. You would be surprised at the fun stuff you can find if you really "explore" your home. Here are 9 ways to give a new lease of life to household items.

Two way board for Xyron and Paper Smooches

1. Make a two-way board with packaging sponge, old denim fabric and a piece of wood. You can pin your fave photos and use a chalkboard marker to write notes.

Meet my yum pan
2. An old frying pan makes a fun decor piece for the kitchen. :)

Using the glass pieces from old lighting

3. Glass pieces from old lighting can be reworked into a pretty glass container for pens.

My "window" for LESSology
4. An old frame can be "beautified" to a display piece for photos and little notes.

The need to "lace-cify" everything
5. An old storage unit gets a makeover with leftover lace, buttons, vellum, chipboard, paint and tassels.

Getting to know my creative process
6. The hardware from old lighting can make a statement on your mixed media canvas.

Why you should order a gin and tonic
7. Decorated mini alcohol bottles look great on display.

Altered project for Let's Get Trendy Now!3
8. An old loofah brush can an awesome base for an altered project.

Mixed media on a mooncake box cover

9. Wrapping tissue, chipboard and colorants can transform an ordinary mooncake box into something a little more magical.

There you have it. 9 ways to give a new lease of life to household items. Which one will you try?

P/s: Check out 9 (more) ways to give a new lease of life to household items.


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Scooter buddies


The other day I spotted these two [aka mum & sister] in their helmets after a short trip to the market nearby on my sister's scooter.

As usual, they obliged me with a photo or two. *winks*

Don't they look cute? *LOL*

So I just had to use these cute paperclips on my layout, right?

I haven't done a scrapbook layout in weeks and it was nice to work in some paper scraps and buttons [I don't buy any but apparently they breed because I still have loads of them!].

Playing along with Stuck?! Sketches.


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A mixed media canvas using leftover lace and fabric


So the little bits and pieces of lace and fabric that I have been "saving for a rainy day" have been driving me a little crazy of late. Too pretty to throw away and too small to work into any project....or so I thought....*lightbulb moment*

I decided to adhere them on an 8x8 canvas (with matte medium). Then I painted over it with a coat of white gesso and I got a great textured surface to work with.

I went over the surface with gold paint, leaving some parts unpainted, then added some Golden glass bead gel with The Crafter's Workshop stencil. I defined the stenciled image by adding a layer of Inka Gold in old silver over the raised areas.

I used a remnant pearlescent fabric as the base for my embellishment clusters. Love the sheen and texture it adds to the piece.

Can you tell from the finished product that background was a mish mash of lace pieces in different colours? *winks*

Playing along with ARTastic challenge to make the background a feature. Here's the inspiration picture:


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I scored some textured fabric!


I love it when my mum's friends think of me....and hand me cool stuff to play with. Like remnant textured fabric. *winks*

Just perfect to add punch to a corrugated cardboard base. 

Yeah...I went a little crazy with the gold.:)

Playing along with Cardabilities.


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Upcycled: a gift container for ColourArte


Oh well, you all know that I'm a box and container girl. So I couldn't possibly pass up on altering a big sturdy tin container, right? *winks*

Today I share how I transformed an ordinary tin container into a pretty gift container in a step-by-step tutorial over at the ColourArte blog. I would love for you to go take a look.:)


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Playing in the art journal...:)


I am really enjoying my altered book art journal. :)

It's big so I can really practise my facial details. 

Playing along with The Mirror Crack'd and The Mixed Media Monthly Challenge.

*Edited* These journal pages made Top 5 at The Mirror Crack'd.


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An altered bottle...a tutorial. And a giveaway winner!


I recently fell hard for watercolours. And with that came the inevitable collection of paint brushes just for my watercolours. Of course that meant that they needed a "home".

I started with this juice bottle. I love that it's slim and compact and perfect for my brushes. :) I applied Liquitex matte medium to adhere the lace to the bottle. Then I used one half of a zipper to "cover up" the joint and decorate the circumference of the bottle.

I also added some pearls along the edges to make it a little prettier.:)

I ran a needle and thread through the other half of the zipper to create a gathered effect.

Then I used a hot glue gun to create a spiral bloom.

The zipper bloom was then adhered to the bottle.

I finished by adding a fun charm to the bloom. :)


A big thank you to those who took time to comment on my altered shoe for ColourArte. The winner of the $25 gift certificate to the ColourArte store is Reusing Cards and Quilling! Please send me an email so that we can get you set up for some shopping at the ColourArte store!

P/s: I'm signing off early this week because it's my country's 50th birthday and we have a 4 day weekend! Woohoo! Happy birthday Singapore! :)


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