Yam shenanigans...*winks*


Well, my sister got herself a huge new scooter and the Gangster Gang [aka nephews + niece] were super excited that they got to "ride" on it for photos. You know,  typical Yam shenanigans. *winks*

Check out those happy faces sitting on a stationary bike! *LOL*

After that, they all got to try on Aunt E's helmets and pose for photos of course!

Playing along with My Creative Sketches.


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When I found a brown paper envelope...


So I've been on a massive purge and declutter of the landing outside my bedroom...where I've conveniently piled up craft supplies over the last year or so...[I've cut down on design team gigs to slow down the influx..but the remaining ones breed amongst themselves! *dramatic music plays in the background*]

Well, I found a brown paper envelope and got distracted by my patterned paper scraps....[tell me I'm not the only one who stops in the middle of clearing and reorganizing to make something? *winks*]

And put this together in 15 minutes. :) 

Happy week ahead friends! 


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A latte love card


So last year, I started drinking coffee. Prior to that, I was strictly a tea drinker. I still haven't graduated to a coffee a day [my stomach still hasn't quite adjusted yet] but it has been fun trying out different types of coffee to find out what rocks my boat. *winks*

Any guesses on what type of coffee I like? 

Haha...it's not a latte. I like a double shot espresso with no sugar. Seriously. 

Thought I would support my blog pal Amy Tsuruta and play along with the Summer Coffee Lovers Bloghop. :)


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Why everyone should have an art journal or more....*winks*

As you know, I have tried many times over the last few years to start art journaling but never went beyond a page or two.


 There were several reasons for that:

1. I didn't buy/use the right type of art journal.

I started with a cheap sketchbook from the art store. The paper wasn't thick enough to endure wet washes and the paint-throwing that I enjoyed. Right now, I prep the thin pages with gesso or just work in an art journal with thicker paper.

2. I didn't know what type of mediums to use.

I was using all the mediums that I used for my scrapbook pages but didn't understand why the pages in my art journal kept sticking together. Turns out most of the mediums dry glossy so they tend to stick together when you close the art journal [my scrapbook pages were kept in plastic sleeves so they never stuck together]. Now, if the surface dries glossy, I add a layer over matte medium over it and my pages no longer stick! :)

3. I really didn't know how to start.

With a scrapbook layout, you had photos to inspire you. But with an art journal, you start with a blank page and you know how scary a blank page is right? *winks* Currently, my art journals are the "dumping" ground for the leftover paint and inks. No wastage of mediums and I no longer have to start with blank pages! 

Check out the layers of paint, ink and gesso here. Can you spot residual mists from another project? Or brush marks from leftover paint on my paintbrush?

Art journals are a great way to experiment with different colour combos and mark-making. Have a few of them lying around to help you "clean up" your paint palette. :)

The key is to unleash your inner child and just play! 


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The 5 minute tag


I love making 5 minute tags using little bits and pieces on my desk...I feel "accomplished" and there are fewer bits to clear up. :)

I went with my standard modus operandi when it comes to tags....cardboard base, remnant patterned paper (from a previous project), pretty embellishments and my trusty hot glue gun. *winks*

The key to a quick tag is not to overthink the embellishments. I mean, why is there a big white bloom and leaf next to a deer on a worded backdrop, right? *LOL*


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It was a tiara-wearing kind of a day...*winks*


Okay, the secrets's out. Some days at the Yam household are tiara-wearing kind of days. *LOL*

It's blingy and sparkly and everyone just looks pretty in a tiara right? *winks*

And yes, I may have a growing tiara collection...even my teddy bear wears a tiara. ;)

I had to "bling" up my chipboard letters with glitter paint....

And added some sequins to up the "bling" factor.

Playing along with Stuck?! Sketches.


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Why I love mixing media...


As a person who didn't doodle or draw as a child, learning how to draw has been a tad challenging. [Can you believe it's been a year already?] It's hard to be carefree and loose when you have preconceived notions of how things should look, instead of what they really are.

For instance, I was drawing my eye lashes as straight lines instead of curves. Until I flipped a beauty magazine and really studied an ad on mascara. *lightbulb moment*

And my drawings/paintings always start out ugly. Real ugly. *LOL*

Then there is the question of proportions and getting the angles right. Here I know the girl looked a little odd but I wasn't sure how I could "save" this painting.

That's when the coloured pencils and paint markers came into play! As you know, watercolours lose their luminosity if you "overplay" with them. Mixing other media can help correct mistakes/flaws and "rescue" your drawings/paintings. :)

I used my coloured pencils to create shadows for depth and added tendrils to make her eyes and face look more proportional. I used a white paint marker for the pop of reflection in her eyes. She still isn't perfect but a tad more presentable, right? *winks*


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The third mixed media canvas of the trio...:)


So, the other day, I mentioned that I made 3 mixed media canvases over a weekend. I tried to challenge my myself to use similar embellishments but make each one a little different. (Click on links to see previous canvases if you missed them: Canvas #1 & Canvas #2)

For this one, I went with bright and bold colours for LESSology Challenge #59: Neon-inspired

I used The Crafter's Workshop stencil with Liquitex Super Heavy Gesso here. It can't hold peaks but works well to create a slightly elevated texture and dimension. (Modeling paste will get you more dimension.)

I finished with my fave embellishments from Maya Road of course. :)


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2 sheets of patterned paper = 4 projects

One of the ways I try to maximize my art therapy time is to work on several projects in one seating. Like if I have my hot glue gun and pretty embellishments out, I will make a few tags and mixed media canvases. I incorporate different elements to make them distinct but if you are really observant, you can tell which projects were actually done in one seating. [Clue: When I'm obsessed with an embellishment, I will use it over several projects till I get it out of my system or till I run out of it...*LOL*]

I think it speeds up efficiency because you are "in the zone". *winks* Here are the four projects I did in one seating using two sheets of patterned paper of the same design. 


I love the graphic print of this We R Memory Keepers patterned paper which I got from my Xyron design team stint. It was the perfect backdrop for my fun photos. One patterned paper used up! :)


Next I made a tag. I needed to use spring colours so I added some pink and yellow.


Then I thought the patterned paper would look nice covering a sturdy box.


Of course, the pretty gift box needed a matching gift bag so I recycled an old paper bag.

There you have it, 2 sheets of patterned paper = 4 different projects in one seating! 


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