How to use seemingly disparate elements on your layouts

Well friends, I've been told that I've a knack for putting seemingly disparate elements in a somewhat cohesive manner on my layouts. Really? I've been scrapbooking for so long now and my only goal is just to use up my stash!  But I did a run-through of my layouts to pick out some commonalities that might help you use seemingly disparate elements on your layouts too. *winks*

Are you ready? 

The layout with lots of stuff

1. Try using paper strips of similar width.

Even if the papers don't match, the paper strips provide a cohesive feel that help tie the pieces together. On this particular layout, the paper fish tails really aid in guiding the eye throughout the layout.

Let's make pancakes today

2.  Have your patterned paper characters look at your subjects.

This is a technique I use a lot - having fussy-cut patterned paper characters look at my subjects. It is a fun way "frame" your photos. 

Someone has a crush

3. Try working with just three main colours.

Keeping to a trio of harmonious colours makes it easy on the eyes even if the patterns seem to clash.

How many paper scrap pieces did I use on my layout?

4. Keep patterns in small doses.

Play with little bits of patterns so they serve as little accents and don't distract the eye from your photos.

The one with lots of brads

5. Use a grid format.

Somehow laying elements within a grid structure just works because the eye has a "framework" to guide it through the elements.

Bandage buddies
6. Go whimsical.

Well, nothing has to make sense in a whimsical scene so just have fun! Here, I went with a postcard scene and even added props!

So we won tickets to see Kooza

7. Use repeated shapes.

Repetition of shapes - circles and rectangles- provide the eye relief to this seemingly messy layout.

Everybody loves cheesecake

8.  Create a decorative "frame" around your photos.

Place all your decorative elements along the perimeter of your photos. This creates a "frame" that ties everything together.

There you have it,  8 ways to use seemingly disparate elements on your layouts. Have you employed any of them on your layouts?


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Paper scraps and rub-ons on an envelope...another mail art piece


I've been having fun with my (recycled) bubble pack envelopes recently.

For this particular one, I tore paper scraps and did a "collage" on the envelope before throwing it with mists, acrylic paints, gesso and ink splatters. You know, getting messy.

And then "attacking" it with most of my rub-on stash!  *winks* They no longer "rub-on" properly but work perfectly for my messy, grungy style. :)

Happy week ahead friends! :)


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4 against 1


It's hard to win when it's 4 against 1. Four members of the Gangster Gang (aka 3 nephews + 1 niece) versus one aunt....when playing a game of catch at the playground.

Evidently the youngest two are easy to "catch" but once they are out of the game, they start thwarting your attempts to catch their older siblings. And it gets really tiring for the aunt...*LOL*

A mix of new and old stash....

Found my old sticker collection so I had to incorporate a couple of them...including the faux stitching. :)

Playing along with Stuck?! Sketches.

P/s: Happy weekend friends!


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Travel Journal Pages - Japan Part 1


Hello friends! Today I'm sharing Part 1 of my travel journal pages from Japan....I was initially hoping to share them all in one post but I took soooooooo many pics and apparently have lots to write about the trip that I've only completed Day 1. *LOL*


I wanted to incorporate something from Japan in my travel journal pages so I bought fabric tapes from Daiso Harajuku to use on my pages.

And if you spy a Basic Grey bird, *#%^* I found 6 more of them in my I was celebrating too soon in my earlier post Projects featuring the infamous Basic Grey birds! *winks* .

Lots of stickers and journal blocks/tags were used...along with bits of fussy-cut pieces from my stash.

P/s:  Sorry for not returning blog visits - I was travelling last week and caught the flu bug...I will play catch-up soon I promise.


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The result of makeup shopping...*winks*


Well, yeah, I might have gone makeup shopping recently. Since I was "bad", I decided to do something good with the paper decorate it. *winks*

I'm currently obsessed with this Spellbinders die....interestingly, I've had it for years but only recently started using it....[I'm such a hoarder! *LOL*]

And go me, working on a Christmas project in August! *High fives all around*

P/s: Happy week ahead friends!


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Double page spread for Maya Road/ Photo Play Paper swap


This week the Maya Road Design Team is sharing projects featuring Photo Play Paper. Mine is a double page spread using the Mad Plaid Christmas collection.

If you didn't already know, I have a thing for banners...which explains why the first sheet of patterned paper I reached for was the one with the Christmas banners. I just had to fussy cut them all. *winks*

I embellished the banners with Maya Road snowflake diecuts and pearl center trim.

I also decided to work on my glitter stash...which was a good idea at that time but you know how glitter is, it goes everywhere. *LOL*

If you have time, stop by the Maya Road blog to leave a comment on any of the Maya Road/Photo Play Paper swap posts for your chance at a $20 gift certificate to the Maya Road store.


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Projects featuring the infamous Basic Grey birds! *winks*

Now that the last few Basic Grey birds have been used up (although I won't discount finding a stray one because they "breed" so rapidly in my stash...hahaha), I thought I should show just how much mileage one can get from a single 12x12 sheet paper full of little birds. *winks*

Are you ready to check out my projects using the Basic Grey birds? Grab a hot tea/beverage of your choice and enjoy...

Can you tell I was trying to make a dent in my Basic Grey stash?

The 5 minute card

I love to eat

A crazy Saturday

The convenience factor

I love to use mist residue to create backgrounds

I see more shimmering products in my future...

This week's quick card

The 10 minute card from scrap pieces

Another mish mash card from my scrap pile

When I went shopping in my scrap pile...

Travel journal pages January 2017

Travel journal pages January 2017

Hello sunshine card for Summer Coffee Lovers Bloghop

Before and after the playground

Pages from my travel journal

Posing at the fire hydrant

Somebody really likes to make cards

This week's card from scraps

The one about the Cookies and Cream cake
Using my paper scraps on my travel journal

A card to go with a happy treat

The story about the 15 minute dinner

This week's 15 minute card

The one that involved a die-cutting machine

This week's mish mash card

A mish mash card from scrap bits
So we won tickets to see Kooza

This week's quick card from the scrap pile

Someone finally has a pair of Oakley

One Saturday afternoon
There you have it. 31 projects using the Basic Grey birds.:)


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