This week's update on #the100dayproject

Another week, another update on #the100dayproject.

Going for the blues for 67/100.

Playing with neutrals (sort of) for 68/100.

Back to my comfort zone for 69/100.

Tried to be adventurous for 70/100. Yes, the pastels came out to play...along with the fixative spray and lots of mess to clean up. But it was fun and challenged me a little.

Tried a different paper (Canson Mi-Teintes) with Copic Markers and Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils for 71/100.

Apparently I love blue eyes...72/100.

This one was actually done much earlier (yep...a spare eye in case I couldn't find time that day) but I posted it as my 73/100.

A monochromatic purple eye for 74/100.

It was a fun week of eye drawing.and showing some love to my art supplies. :)
Happy weekend friends!


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A postal-friendly upcycled box

Sometimes I like to work on postal-friendly decorated boxes just so I can send them off as surprise happy mail to bloggy friends (you know, folks who still enjoy snail mail *winks*).

I had this toiletries box from Yves Rocher with a lovely gold foil design on the front which I didn't want to cover up.

So I found some patterned paper with a similar gold foil to coordinate and adhered them to the edges and back of the box.

For the front, I covered the brand with a patterned paper cut-out and added some coordinating paper to the base to ground the piece.

I finished off by sliding back the bow that came with the box. :)

There you have it, a postal-friendly upcycled box.


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A mish mash card...;)

Well friends, haven't made one of these mish mash cards in a while so here it is! *winks*

Yep, my usual "things that don't make sense mish mash of pattern-mixing" that culminated in a somewhat eclectic-looking card (that's my story and I'm sticking to it!*LOL*).

I'm pretty happy with the amount of paper scraps I've thrown on this card whilst still keeping it relatively postal friendly.

Happy Wednesday friends!:)


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This week's upcycled project

Errr...yes, you may be noticing a trend here. I've been decorating a lot of boxes and paper bags of late recently because decluttering my space has uncovered new "old stuff" in my stash. Plus I typically like to work on multiple similar type projects simultaneously to maximize my "in the zone" gains. *Fair warning...winks*

For today's upcycled project, I used a Dior paper bag and the cardboard packaging from my cute cat planter.

Can you see the lovely embossed texture on the Dior bag and the cardboard packaging that I incorporated?

I couldn't decide on the dog or fishes so I went with both! *LOL*

I think it makes a cute gift bag for a kid, don't you think?

Happy week ahead friends!


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A quick update on #the100dayproject

So it took me a super loooooong time to compile the last update on my eye sketches for #the100dayprojectI've decided to do a weekly update instead. Officially we are on Day 66 so I can see a glimpse of light at the distant end of the tunnel! *winks*

Here is 55/100.

Now I really hated this mixed media paper from Canson so I forced myself to use the pad up for #the100dayproject. It is supposed to take wet and dry media well but every time I used it, it peeled and I would have little bits of paper fiber coming off (I was using mostly watersoluble media). Well, I've since changed my mind because apparently, it works wonders with Copic markers! The paper likes alcohol ink markers! 

Of course, with my new-found discovery, I had to test it out a little bit more for 56/100, right? I mean, that's how we learn...*winks*

More testing for 57/100. ;)

Took a break from the Copic markers for 58/100.

Went with some watersoluble markers for 59/100.

Back to Copics for 60/100.

Worked on a different eye angle for 61/100.

Hmmm..another one with Copic markers and coloured pencils for 62/100.

Attempted another eye angle for 63/100.

A little purple obsessed...64/100.

Tried a bloodshot eye. Very challenging. 65/100.

And last but not last, watersoluble markers and coloured pencils for 66/100.

Happy weekend friends!


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This week's quick decorated gift bag

Hello friends! Meet this week's quick decorated gift bag....

Big thanks to the folks at Dior for providing the gift bag (and free skincare inside). *winks*
You know how I love some good sturdy packaging that I can totally reuse, right? :)

A large piece of patterned paper to cover the brand name and provide a base for my embellishment cluster...little bits and bobs from the scrap pile.

Happy Wednesday friends!


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Make Stuff Monday: Another decorated Kikki K box

Yes friends. Another one of those "I found a box in my stash and had to decorate it" decorated boxes.  *winks*

I started with this lovely pink box from Kikki K with a gold pull-out slot.

I cut some patterned papers to size, ran them through my Xyron Creative Station for an even layer of adhesive and glued them to the box.

Then on to my fave part: embellishing the box!

I kept to pinks, beiges and greens for my embellishment cluster for a harmonious and soft look.

Mixing up the sizes and textures of the embellishment help to create visual balance for an overall pleasing appearance.

I think it turned out quite pretty. What do you think?


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