Current faves: June 2019 edition

Hello friends! Just a quick share on some of my current faves.

First up, I got a new much shorter hairdo with bangs. 8 inches off and lots of time saved in blow-drying. It's still long enough to tie up in a ponytail when I work out so I'm a happy gal.

And my sister got me a cool pair of Oakley sunnies when she was in New York. My first pair of mirrored sunnies. Check out the reflection of me taking my selfie in the car! ;)

I got this pair of Aldo sneakers when I was in Penang last month.'s pink (winks at Julie). Never mind that I can run in 4 inch heels but will twist my ankle in sneakers...this is soooooooo sweet and was on sale at 70% off.

This girl has never watched a single episode of HBO's Game of Thrones or read the book but of course, had to get the limited edition eyeshadow palette and eye liners. The shimmers are sooooo pretty!

The bestie got me these on a recent UK trip and dang it, I'm rationing the ones I have because I have yet to find a local supply source. I'm not a candy person but apparently, I love anything with caramel and sea salt.

So, what are your current faves?

Happy weekend my friends!


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This week's #the100dayproject update

Here we are again with the weekly update on #the100dayproject. :)

81/100. Currently enjoying using my Copic Markers for drawing the eye and adding the base colours, using my Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils to blend it all in and Posca paint marker for the highlights.

Struggled with 82/100 because I went in a little too hard with the purple. Tried to salvage it somehow...SpongeBob thinks I did an okay job. *winks*

Really wanted to get the iris to look glassy for 83/100.

Attempted another bloody eye for 84/100.

Practising another eye angle for 85/100.

86/100. Another eye I had to salvage after I went in too heavy-handed with the blues in the iris.

Had fun with the highlights for 87/100. :)

13 more to go....I'm pretty excited!*winks*


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Workspace Wednesday: June 2019 edition

So the other day, I dropped by Ikea and discovered that they have added a mini Raskog trolley to their collection. Meet Rashult - the slightly smaller and oh-so-cute sister to the famous Raskog trolley. :)

I lost no time and quickly filled up my Rashult. Did I mention that I got 2? *LOL*

Happy midweek friends!:)


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5 ways to mix patterns like a pro on your creative projects

Pattern-mixing can be intimidating if your style is more matchy matchy than eclectic (aka anything goes). But there is soooooo much fun in pattern-mixing and you can really really use up those pesky random little bits that are too fab to just trash but too small to really make a substantial impact...or so you think. *winks*

Shall we explore 5 ways to mix patterns like a pro on your creative projects??

Paper scraps on a paper bag

1. Treat your patterned paper background as a neutral.

When you treat your patterned paper background as a neutral, you can concentrate entirely on building your cluster. Just remember to incorporate bits of colour from your patterned background "neutral" into your main patterned mixing cluster so that everything blends in seamlessly.

Here I have the dog's eye, the polka-dotted black and white patterned paper and the white on black text that "match" the black and white patterned background.

The one about the meat lover

2. Insert pops of solid colour to "break" the patterns.

You can break up busy patterns by subtly inserting pops of solid colour in between busy patterns.
On this layout, I used a green mat for the photo and  a monster in a solid colour.

The one about the almost free meal
3. Combine different textures.

Mix it up with different textures to really create interest and dimension to your creative piece without looking too busy.

The one about the elevated pancakes

4. Incorporate text.

You can treat text/quotes as "patterned" paper. It can be totally fun to mix the different fonts and sizes to create interest on your creative piece.

Mask on!

5. Draw the eye with bright and bold patterns.

Choose a lighter background patterned paper so that it recedes into the background and use bright bold patterns where you want the viewer's eye to be drawn to.

There you have it. 5 ways to mix patterns like a pro on your creative projects. Which one is your fave?


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Let's put as many fussy-cut elements as we can on a card *winks*

So the journey to using up my paper scraps continues as I sort through my fussy-cut elements. This time I challenged myself to put as many fussy-cut elements as I can on a card.

Of course, since it is Yvonne's fantasy world, nothing has to make sense but just be visually harmonious!!?? (That's my story and I'm sticking to it! *LOL*)

Happy week ahead friends! :)


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Weekly update on #the100dayproject

Hello there friends! Ready for another run of eye sketches? *winks*

75/100. These days I no longer sketch my eyes with a graphite pencil. I just go straight in with whatever media I want to use. At first, it was just pure laziness. Then I realized that I didn't need to pencil sketch first. Guess it happens when you keep drawing eyes. *LOL*

For this one, I started bold strokes with my Copic Markers. And went in with Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils to refine the details and a white pen for highlights.

76/100. Okay...this looks like a really tired eye. It was really the overzealous use of a hot pink coloured pencil. *hehehe*

For 77/100, I challenged myself not to use black at all. I could do dark brown, dark blue, dark purple but no black. It was hard. I like to use black.

For 78/100, I struggled a bit to get the iris looking right. I cheated by blurring out the edges and adding highlights.

A sad crying eye for 79/100, reflecting an emotionally draining day I had. Nothing like having a crying "feeling sorry for yourself" session to let out the frustration, right?

Still trying to figure out the eye angle for 80/100.

OMG. Can you believe it? 20 more eye sketches to go!!!!


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This week's mish mash paper bag

I've been having lots of fun decorating the paper bags in my stash with my paper scraps. I can't say I've made a significant dent in the scrap pile but at the rate I'm going, I think there should be a dent in maybe 5 years. *LOL*'s a mish mash paperbag where nothing really makes sense but the overall design puts a smile on your face. Unless you don't like cute things...*dramatic music plays in the background*

Wait...You mean dogs don't have conversations with each other? *winks*

Another flat decorated paper bag for the win! ;)

Hope you are having a great week friends!


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You can never have too many cookies...*winks*

So Nephew #1 probably ate his weight in cookies last year. *LOL*

I've made so many variations of my cookies - protein powder, rolled oats, gluten-free, coconut oil, coconut flour... and he has eaten them all. Yup. Gluttony.

Someone had so much fun with the little paper scraps on this layout....*winks*

Playing along with Let's Get Sketchy.


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This week's update on #the100dayproject

Another week, another update on #the100dayproject.

Going for the blues for 67/100.

Playing with neutrals (sort of) for 68/100.

Back to my comfort zone for 69/100.

Tried to be adventurous for 70/100. Yes, the pastels came out to play...along with the fixative spray and lots of mess to clean up. But it was fun and challenged me a little.

Tried a different paper (Canson Mi-Teintes) with Copic Markers and Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils for 71/100.

Apparently I love blue eyes...72/100.

This one was actually done much earlier (yep...a spare eye in case I couldn't find time that day) but I posted it as my 73/100.

A monochromatic purple eye for 74/100.

It was a fun week of eye drawing.and showing some love to my art supplies. :)
Happy weekend friends!


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