An extra 24 hours...and a challenge winner! :)


Hello friends! Happy 29 extra 24 hours this year to do the things you want. Of course I've already spent 7 hours of it sleeping...*LOL*

Just a quick card for Runway Inspired and Card Patterns.

Supplies: Kraft cardstock, trim, twine, woodgrain punchinella, Lily Bee sticker sentiment, K & Co floral embellishment.

*Edited* This card made Super 6 at Card Patterns! :)

A big thank you to those who played along with my guest Annette's challenge...the winner is 

Congratulations Alice! Please email your mailing details so that your RAK can be shipped out to you! :)
You can still play along with the current challenge hosted by my guest Rose!


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4 sneaky ways to tell your story without actually journaling

So, you are a person of few written words. Is it possible for you to scrapbook without actually journaling? Of course. Let me share 4 sneaky ways to tell your story without actually journaling. :)


1. Let the pictures tell the story.

A beach scene. A couple with their arms around each other. Obviously in love.

I added faux journaling in a form of strip of printed text (from patterned paper), adhered a subtle sticker pointing to the XOXO badge which serves as the title for the layout!


2. Add a quote.

Some other smart person has done the legwork for you. Use it. :)

The happy lovebirds

3. Let the title be the journaling.

I use this a lot when scrapbooking pages for others. Adding little elements that support your title helps too...I included some hearts and lovebirds in a reinforce the love theme.


4. Create a "scene" that tells the story.

Clouds. Planes. Luggage. Destination: Phuket. It's a vacation! :)

There you have it. 4 sneaky ways to tell your story without actually journaling. So totally doable right?

P/s: Come play along with my guest Rose's patterned paper challenge! :)

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10 {non-bulky} ways to add interest to your layout. :)


I love to incorporate fun elements on my pages. But I also like my layouts to be relatively flat [way easier to store!]. Today I'm sharing 10 {non-bulky} ways to add interest to your layout. :)

1. Incorporate fussy-cutting.

I like to stick the middle parts down so the sides stick out a bit...creates the illusion of dimension [while staying flat in your page protector].

2. Add a little handstitching.

I love to randomly poke holes and then use different coloured threads to add a little fun! [I find this especially useful for hiding the fact that I forgot to ink the edges and when the patterned papers don't blend well together.]

3. Create an embellishment cluster.

Grouping elements of different textures add a playful feel to your piece. Try adding buttons, brads and found ephemera.

4. "Embellish" your photo.

I love to journal and paste stickers on my photos [especially of places and things]. Use arrows to pinpoint to something significant on your photo. [I found a cool book in the bargain bin! ] It's a great way to add random journaling bits to your layout.

5. Create a fun background by using a mask amd mists.

 I love that I can incorporate the colours from the rest of my layout to create an artsy custom background. [For how-to, please refer to tutorial: How to create a masked and misted custom background.]

6. Play with fonts.

This could be your title work or your journaling. I love to incorporate my own handwriting too. It helps to tell the story in a more interesting way than a block of journaling.

7. Stamp.

Use fun picture stamps to tell your story. :)

8. Go crazy with stickers.

I love to mix it up with lots of letter and word stickers. Paste them on a chipboard and you get a dimensional chipboard element...the possibilities are endless! ;)

9. Include "white" space.

"White" space prevents eye fatigue and gives your eyes a place to "rest" so as to better appreciate all the elements on your layout. It doesn't necessary have to be white in colour though....I consider my masked and misted background my "white" space. The next point reinforces the importance of "white" space.

10. Ensure a continuous flow of elements.

When you have a continuous flow of elements, you help guide a reader's eye through your layout. Try to keep some parts light and your focal point a little "heavier" with elements.

There you have it, my 10 {non-bulky} ways to add interest to your layout. :) Do you have any to share?

Supplies: Cosmo Cricket patterned papers, Maya mists, American Crafts thickers and stamp, Fancy Pants chipboard, Adorn It, SRM and Sam & Lucy letter stickers, thread, doiley, grid mask, brad, charm, buttons, white pen, black pen.

P/s: This layout was done specifically for my guest designer gig at Bird is the word. It features a quaint little bookstore in Wentworth Falls. :)


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Graphic 45 Design Team 2012 Audition

Fun at the mardi gras

Hello friends! I decided to audition for the Graphic 45 Design Team 2012. :) This first piece is an altered board book cover.

Texture paste, embossing power, crackle paint, mists and inks...

A 8.5x 11 layout featuring an art deco town I recently visited.

A little misting and masking and fussy cutting...

Pretty tag

A sweet tag with lots of sparkle...

Lots of rock candy crackle paint and stickles...

Why is J in a girl's dress

A 12x12 layout featuring my littlest nephew in a dress![He insisted on trying it on...*LOL*]

I kept it simple here...the photo is a classic *winks*

Dream card

A card...

A little distressing and crackle paint...

Altered box

An altered box...

Lots of fussy cutting, stickles and crackle paint.

Are you a model tag

A super fun tag with tab pulls!

Stickles and crackle paint...

I've had fun creating these. So, what do you think? :)


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Sometimes things don't turn out as planned.

Be mine

Sometimes things don't turn out as planned. And we feel disappointed. Lamenting on our misfortune [Chaucer-style no less...*LOL*]. But sometimes we should just go with the flow....who knows what unexpected surprises may be in store for us right?

Case in point: last week when I was in Sydney. I couldn't get a table at my fave seafood restaurant at  The Rocks because it was Valentine's Day. Bummer. The concierge did make alternative dinner arrangements at a restaurant at Darling Harbour. Oh well, it's just one meal right?

 A big one though...*LOL*

And at 9pm, I was treated to 10 minutes of the most spectacular fireworks display ever. :) Sometimes things don't turn out as planned....but way better!!! *winks*

The card was inspired by the sketch at CPS.

Supplies: Lily Bee patterned papers, Crate Paper Chipboard, Maya Road trim and trinket, American Crafts ribbon, button, tulle, handmade loopy felt blooms.

P/s: Have a spectacular weekend friends! Come play along with my guest Rose's patterned paper challenge! :)


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Will you accept "payment" in the form of hugs and kisses?

Sean and Sophie

I love watching my oldest nephew S interacting with his baby sister S. She always has a smile for her big brother. :) He's my go-to guy when I need to run off to the washroom..."You're in charge!"...I wish he still accepted "payment" in the form of hugs and kisses though....*LOL*

Me: Thanks for looking after Sophie, Sean. Come...let me give you a big hug and some kisses!
Sean: Noooooooo! [runs away in horror!!!!]
Me: [Taken aback by the sting of rejection..regains composure] Okay, let's do something you like.
Sean: *big smile* Let's play with shrink plastic!

Some fun with a Prima mask, texture paste and mists [For how-to, please refer to tutorial: How to use texture paste to create a custom background).

I wanted to play along with the Get Picky challenge at Punky Scraps [grid, small photos, white paint, no pink].

Supplies: Crate Paper patterned papers, sticker and trim, American Crafts thickers, chipboard and ribbon, Maya mists, Prima mask, flowers, texture paste, white pen, brown pen.


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How to make tissue paper pom poms. :)

The pom poms I made for my cousin's wedding.

My preparations for my cousin's recent wedding included stalking many wedding websites where there was a recurrent theme of tissue paper pom poms. The ready-to-pouf Martha Stewart ones at the craft supply store were $25 for 3 pom poms! [She must be rolling in dough...*LOL*] So I learned how to make my's a short tutorial on how you can make these tissue paper pom poms.

1. You will need a stack of 8 to 10 pieces of wrapping tissue. [I used them as they were in the package, you can cut the pieces to make smaller pom poms.] Run a scallop-edge scissors along the edges. Then accordian fold them.

2. Tie the center with string/ribbon.

3. Then comes the fun part....Gently pouf up each layer...

4. Your pom pom should be taking shape now...Pouf half the tissue layers, then flip over to pouf the other half.

5. When it's done, you have your tissue paper pom pom!:)

Flights of fantasy

Those pom poms of course inspired my creation for LESSology Challenge #11: Flights of Fantasy.

The basket used to house some yummy lychees from the supermarket...the lace and ribbon were from my sister's bridesmaid dress [it was really ugly...]. I love that you can hang it at a party and maybe put some sweets in it and you can reuse it gentle with the pom poms and you can use them quite a few times! :)

Here's how it can be stored away for future use. :)

Will you making some pom poms? :)


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