Are you into social media?


A lot has changed in the last 2 years with the explosion of social media. People now read blogs on their smartphones and tablets. And connect with their friends via other popular social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

My blog remains the primary base for my creative projects because I enjoy sharing longer form content like tips and tutorials. And I also like to be able to backup my online content and move it to my own domain if I wanted to. 

However, this year I'm dusting off the cobwebs and making an effort to keep up with ALL my social media channels. *Fingers crossed* Some areas may intersect but I try to vary the content on the various platforms so that people don't get bored. *LOL*

My  Facebook Fan Page is where I share sneak peeks, craft supplies I like, ask for organizational tips and share my creative projects. All my extra projects that don't make it on my blog are shared here too. 

My blog posts autofeed to Twitter. I also share links to DIY tutorials I enjoy. 

If you are interested in my everyday mundane life, Instagram is where I post my food porn photos, travel photos, work-in-progress, weekend photos and videos of my nephews and niece and design team projects.

If you are interested in my other passions, Pinterest is where I pin other areas of interest like decor and cute stuff I like. I have not started pinning any of my creations here except for the mandatory design team group boards.    

What about you? Are you into social media?

P/s: Just a quick card using my "save-it-for-a-rainy-day" stash.


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My patterned papers talk to me...*winks*


If there's one thing I would like to reduce in my stash, it would be patterned papers. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE patterned papers but the amount I have is ridiculous. Really.

I'm lucky to get new patterned papers via design team gigs but each time I cut through a new sheet of patterned paper, the "old" unused ones in my stash complain that I favour the new and abandon the old [yes, apparently my patterned papers talk to me...*LOL*]

So, I have a two-pronged strategy to using up my patterned papers. First, I would pick a new patterned paper for the background. Then I would work in my scraps to complement the chosen background.

Odd shaped papers can be torn and tucked behind photos for interest. And messy stitching can add fun texture. [The boy in the photos is nephew #1...:)]

Playing along with Sketchabilities.


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On a bus adventure...


So I took my two fave little people [niece & nephew] out on a bus adventure...[okay, we were just out for breakfast and the post office to pick up my parcel...*LOL*

As you can tell, I'm working hard on using my scraps. *High fives all around*

I played up my main photo by outlining the silhouette and playing with paint, modeling paste and enamel dots on the ground. My sewing machine also got a workout. :)

Playing along with ARTastic Challenge.


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10 mixed media canvas ideas

I love experimenting with various mediums on canvas. Here are 10 mixed media canvas ideas! :)

My fave colours on a canvas
1. Use your fave colours.

Keep to a simple colour combo and play it up with textures to create visual interest.

Abstract experimentation

2. Try something abstract.

A canvas takes a ton more abuse than paper *winks* so experiment. Try in some stamping, drip some paint and enjoy the process.

For the love of lace and cameo
3. Go for vintage chic.

Not sure if you remembered my gold and lace obsession last year? *LOL* I wanted to use the lace so badly that I just wrapped the canvas in lace! 

A not-so-secret obsession with lace
4. Try a little ombre.

 Graduating tones can be a fun way to add interest to a background.

A decorated Christmas tree and coordinating canvas

5. Put a negative chipboard to good use.

Think of fun ways to create textures on your background. Here I used a negative chipboard + gesso + mists. 

Mixed media canvas with vintage tag

6. Dress up a focal point.

The background was created to complement the vintage tag. What I did was extend the elements from the tag to the canvas and make a backdrop that would create interest but not distract from the focal point.

Dream big canvas with Blue Fern Studios
7. Go monotone.

When you take the guessing game out of choosing colours, you focus on just one thing - textures.

Lace canvas

8. Take inspiration from patterned paper.

The colours for this canvas were pulled from that torn patterned paper [top left corner].

Love it when my "save-it-for-rainy-day" stash gets smaller

9. Create a fun scene.

Add a photo and create a whimsical scene complete with found elements.

My Zeus and Zoe journey

10. Give the majority of your elements the gold treatment.

Use gesso and paint on your elements for a chic pulled-together look. 

There you have it. 10 mixed media canvas ideas. Which is your fave?


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The layout with a lot of supplies...

Now, when the amount of scraps one has is greater than the amount of "new" [read:unused] stuff one has, you know the said person has a serious problem, right? *LOL*

I did try very hard on this layout..tucking in some patterned paper scraps here and there, using up my fussy-cut scraps and fitting in some stickers and chipboard.  

It's feels pretty good when you use up your stash...until you have to do a supply list....*LOL*

Playing along with Let's Get Sketchy.


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How to: decorate a box in less than 10 minutes


This is one of the speediest boxes I've ever decorated. It took less than 10 minutes. Seriously.

I started with this Kopi Luwak box [yes..the world's most expensive coffee]...It had a beautiful diecut swirl pattern on the velvet cover.

Of course it was important to cover the brand in case the recipient of the box got way too excited and thought that I was giving them a pricey gift ...*LOL* [The coffee never stood a chance with my coffeeholic parents around...*winks*]. So I added a premade chipboard embellishment.

Then I measured and cut patterned paper for the sides of the box and ran the strips through the Xyron 3" Sticker Maker.

These pieces were then adhered to the edges of the box.

Then added more chipboard elements to the cover up the printed text.

Here it is. All done in under 10 minutes. Now to fill it up with some sweet treats...*winks*


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Decorated kraft and glassine bags for SRM Stickers


I'm totally in love with the new releases from SRM Stickers....perfect for making little last minute gift bags. :)

The kraft and glassine bags come embossed [Awesome for lazy people like me..*lol*] and the doilies are the PERFECT size to "finish" the gift bags! :)


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By the sea


As you know, my layouts are always driven by the need to tell a story. A memory of a time in life that I might want to look back at with fondness. This was one day in Taipei.

We were lured into a store selling soy bean curd, promising a sea view in the dining area. The sea was quite a distance away! *LOL* My dad got to leave his "mark" on the wooden fence [yes, I carry a Sharpie with me at all case someone wants my autograph...*winks*]. 

Then we went to explore the sea view...where we found lots of dog owners with their cute doggies. I was totally enamoured with the Shih Tzu who followed me around...:)

The girl on a mission to use up her patterned paper is doing a mighty fine job, don't you think? *winks*

Playing along with My Creative Sketches.


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A quick Valentine's Day card...:)


It's no secret that I LOVE quick projects. Especially those that don't even stay in my card stash once they are done...*winks*

Happy Valentine's Day friends! :)

Playing along with CAS(E) this Sketch.

P/s: Happy weekend friends! If you are looking for some fun challenges, come play along with LESSology Challenge #33: Happy Mail Day and Purple Pumpkin's February sketch. :)


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