The world's most overloaded Raskog cart...*LOL*

Hello friends. Meet my hardworking Raskog cart - possibly the world's most overloaded Raskog cart ever. Not only does she hold a three-tier stand of mediums on her top layer but she also has added weightage on the sides of every layer.

I know. I have serious issues. *LOL*


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The one about the Vidal Sassoon hair...*winks*


So I got to spend time with nephew E last Sunday...he was showing off his Vidal Sassoon hair flip move to me. *LOL*

Isn't he cute??? And so generous with his kisses that day too. *winks*

I decided to challenge myself to use as many die-cuts as I could on this layout.*High fives all around*

I found some "never-used-before" dies in my stash and went for a marathon die-cutting session while catching up on a whole week of Masterchef Australia.:)

Playing along with The Studio Challenges.


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Just a girl from my sketchbook


The best advice I got on drawing faces actually came from a beauty consultant at a Laura Mercier counter. Of course, she was teaching me how to "draw" on my face to enhance my features. I took the principles I learned about highlighting and contouring my physical face and applied them to my drawings. :)

Anything that is light and bright draws your eye in...anything that is dark recedes to the background.
Some in-progress shots. 

There you have it. Just a girl from my sketchbook.

Happy week ahead friends!


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7 fun things to do to photos on your projects

You know how I love to "embellish" the photos on my layouts to help tell a story better *winks* are some fun photo treatments you can try to create more interest and excitement on your projects. :)

A totally girly girl

1. Create texture on your photos.

Don't like the colour/texture of your background? Try adding some texture paste/dimensional paint. And pop up your silhouette photos to create even more depth. I, of course, gave my niece some "props" to hold to amp up the fun factor! ;)

The Gangster Gang in cool sunnies

2. Consider cutting your photo/s into a triangular shape.

Or any other fun shape to create interest on your page. Here I cut my photo into a triangle and reinforced the triangle shape by using elements in the same shape on other parts of the layout.

Guess who's afraid of Aunt E?

3. Try a b/w photo with a coloured photo.

Sometimes when you have consecutive shots that are slightly different, try using a b/w photo with a coloured photo. The contrast helps to differentiate the photos better and adds a nice design element to your project.

On a bus adventure

4. Doodle on your photo.

Draw and write on your photo for a graffiti effect. Here I outlined the silhouette of my niece and nephew to make them pop...I also wrote my journaling on the photo.

The layout with lots of supplies

5. Put a photo in a glassine bag for a fun before and after shot.

This layout was about new shoes so I had the old shoe photos punched out in circles as a "teaser"to the new shoe photo which is enclosed in the glassine bag.

The one about the cabbage and pork place

6. Embellish a large photo.

A large photo gives you more "real estate" to add fun embellishments...and helps to make your focal point "pop".

The outdoor girl

7. Try a silhouette or three. 

I love how consecutive shots help capture the micro expressions on the subject's face. Make it more interesting by cutting out the silhouettes of consecutive shots and incorporating them on the same background photo. And of course create a whole "scene" to up the fun add a bench and white picket fences. :)

There you have it....7 fun things to do to photos on your projects. Which is your fave?

Happy weekend friends!:)


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Another card on a paper bag project...quick tutorial


What do you do when you can't decide between doing a card or decorating a paper bag? Well, you combine them and make them into a single project of course! *winks*

I started with an Urban Decay paper bag (okay...this girl might have just gotten a new eyeshadow palette *winks*) and an almost done card. I ran the card through my Xyron Creative Station for an even layer of adhesive and adhered it to the paper bag.

I punched out stars in glitter paper and found a sentiment that went with my card...(yep, I wasn't trying to make a Christmas card cum gift bag but since the sentiment "fits", let's just roll with it!)

Then I glued the pieces down...

And finished off with a star-print ribbon for the handles.

A super easy card on a paper bag project to add to my Christmas gift bag pile. :)


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The story about the crazy hair...*winks*


So mum wanted to take a photo of her mango agar agar creation the other day...

Of course, she had the fan turned on and had crazy fan hair in one of the shots. *LOL*

My sister and I laughed so hard when looking through the Live this story is going into the family scrapbook album. *winks*

Pretty happy with the amount of patterned paper scraps and stickers I got on this layout while still keeping it relatively flat. :)

Playing along with Stick It Down.


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Abstract mixed media canvas


So you know that I've been on a major "Use up your stash or get rid of it" quest...and yesterday, I tackled the paint and ink stash. Since I'm not one to "waste" stuff, I tried to use up every little bit by throwing it all on this 8x8 canvas. *LOL*

I started by adhering remnant lace and ribbon to the canvas using matte medium. Then I covered it with a layer of gesso to prep the surface for colorants. Next I went in with some spray mists for a light wash on the base.

After that, I just went a little crazy with paints, inks and gesso...I love how the textured surface picks up those colorants.

Well, it turned out abstract, colourful and know, the way I like it. *winks*

Playing along with Creative Artiste Challenge #41.

Happy week ahead friends!:)


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For the love of blue: 13 projects inspired by the colour blue

Blue is my fave colour and I find myself always gravitating towards colours in the blue colour family. A lot. :) Here is a roundup of my creative projects inspired by the colour blue. Enjoy!

Cherished mixed media canvas

Upcycled mixed media gift box

The tag that caused a lot of pain

Wood pallet for Maya Road CHA 2017

A fun decorated pallet for Maya Road

Shabby chic magnet

The overdone card

My fave colours on a mixed media canvas

Pretty clipboard cum chalkboard

Mixed media canvas for ColourArte

Mixed media canvas with found objects

Upcycled pie plate with old book paper
Pie plate + old book paper + cute photo = wall art

A pretty blue tag in 10 minutes

There you have it. 13 projects inspired by the colour blue. What is your fave colour? Do you like to create projects inspired by your fave colour?

Happy weekend friends!:)


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