Double page spread for Maya Road/Simple Stories swap


This week is the Maya Road/Simple Stories swap and there is a chance to win a $20 gift certificate if you leave a comment on any of the posts this week at the Maya Road blog.

I created a double page spread using the Simple Stories Summer Days collection and Maya Road goodies.

You all know that when I create double page spreads, I like to make them standalone pages in case they ever got separated. ;) But I use similar elements on both pages to ensure cohesiveness.

The spread features a  recent family vacation to Bali, Indonesia. Notice the propped up photo? Well, I had to print that photo 3 times because I kept spilling glue on it....and decided to use them all. 

I was pretty happy with this Simple Stories Summer Days collection because of the bright and happy colours that was just perfect for my vacation photos. :)

And they coordinate really well with Maya Road diecuts and wood embellishments. :) 

In case you were wondering about the photo, I was tea/coffee tasting at the organic coffee farm.

We had to don these sarongs over our clothes (as seen on my mum and sister) before we could enter to visit the Spring Temple.

And my dad got his first pair of Oakley...he was posing in the store! *LOL*

Don't forget to stop by the Maya Road blog to leave a comment for your chance at a $20 gift certificate!


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How to incorporate humour in your layouts...9 ideas

So, the underlying theme in my family layouts is always humour. Sometimes in the photos captured, the embellishments used, the stories leading to the know, real life. Others may have scrapbook albums that are stunning in the artistry of embellishing, mine just gets people laughing out loud. And that's the way I like it. :) Here are 9 ideas for incorporating humour in your layouts....from the 2013 archives. :)

I've been checking you out
1. Reimagine the themed papers.

On this layout, I used Valentine's Day papers to tell the story about the hunt for my birthday cake.

This is real life
2. Just use the real-life photos.

Kids will never tire of making silly faces at the camera so instead of tearing your hair out trying to get them to cooperate for a nice fake photo, why not just use the ones that reflect real life? *winks*

Meet the master of disguise

3. Capture the micro-expressions.

You never know what you can capture when you catch the young ones at play.

Happy birthday layout
How to create a fun mixed media layout with your birthday photos

4. Use consecutive photos to tell the story.

So it was hard to get everyone to cooperate here...*LOL*

The NT$19 store
5. Capture shopping moments.

Especially when you try out stuff you probably would buy but will have a good laugh at the store. ;)

The Squid Squad
6. Food-eating moments.

Incorporate fun food-eating highlights like this one of all of us eating squid. Note the title.

The story about the day we went to watch Monsters University

7. A re-enactment is totally okay.

So this was the day we were supposed to go see a movie and when it was time to go, the car wouldn't start and it was parked in front of the other available car. Then the tow truck came and saved the day. The photos of the nephew looking sad were re-enacted after we came back from the movies. ⇩

Finally...a decent photo of the nephews

8. Include the outtakes.

The outtakes are the best!

Photoshoot gone awry
9. Create a fun "scene".

Well, it doesn't even have to make sense...just throw in some birds and flowers and cute kids!

There you have it...9 ways to incorporate humour in your layouts. What about you? Do you incorporate humour in your layouts?


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A paper and glue card


I'm currently enjoying the process of using just paper and glue [okay, with a little bling! *winks*] on my projects in my attempt to use up my paper scraps. Even though I LOVE mixed media, it is refreshing not to have a mess to clean up after. :)

Plus it's always interesting to dig through my paper scraps for cute elements to use.

Playing along with Match the Sketch.


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Posing at the fire hydrant...


There's this fire hydrant that we pass by en route to the playground that I like to get the Gangster Gang (aka nephews + niece) to pose at. :)

The trick is to get them to give me a few good shots before they can go to the playground - that's when they really "cooperate" because the reward [= playground] is in clear sight. *winks*

Here, I managed to incorporate some of those Basic Grey birds with some Echo Park Paper ones - I don't know why I have so many birdies in my stash!*LOL*

The photos were fussy-cut and I used a graphite pencil to create a shadow for depth (cause I ran out of 3D foam!). I also doodled on the tree for a fun touch.

I also threw in a spade, ducks, car and trees to complete my whimsical scene.

P/s: Been travelling for the last 2 weeks...will play catch-up on blog commenting this week. :)


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This week's mish mash card


Hello friends...yes, that's another Basic Grey bird you see on this week's mish mash card. *LOL* 

I have certainly gotten a lot of mileage from a single sheet of 12x12 patterned paper...[Are you sick of them yet? *winks*]

Threw in a few enamel stickers...

And added a little "bling" with Ranger Stickles...

The card base is residual-misted watercolour paper.


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You only live once...


So I just found these pics in my must-scrap photo pile...and decided to make it a fun layout because of my dad's expression....*LOL*

I wanted to take a quick photo of the sinful you-only-live-once food even though my dad was all ready to dig in! Check out the "seriously, the camera gets to eat first?" expression on his face! *winks* [this was taken in 2015 when the parents were still undergoing vigorous training for foodporn photos....they are so much more natural now when posing with food...hahahaha!]

Lots of little fun fussy-cut bits, twine and enamel stickers...

Those monsters are so happy that my folks are eating sinful food! Hehehe...

Happy week ahead friends!


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Diecuts and paper scraps on a paper bag....:)


My die-cutting machine is seeing more action this year than any other year now that I'm on the warpath to eliminating my paper scraps. *triumphant music plays in the background*

And of course, die-cutting is a lot easier when you have an assistant [read: niece] to help you with the bits that you don't like [taking those diecuts out from the die!]. *winks*

I can never quite explain how my paper/embellishment clusters come together...I just pull random bits out from my stash, glue them down and embellish to cover up awkward corners. 

Does it work? *LOL*


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Somebody really likes to make cards...


Now that the Gangster Gang [aka 3 nephews + 1 niece] is into digital media [games on the tablet], I see a lot less of them on Saturdays. I mean, I still hear them when they are arguing over whose turn it is, but I don't really spend time with them until they get bored and ask to watch something on Netflix. Or when they turn into "zombies" and I have to bring them out to the playground to get "unzombified". *LOL*

The first one to get bored is usually the niece. She would come to my room and just stare at me. Apparently, I'm a mind reader. *winks*

"What do you want?" I would ask her.
" I don't know." She would reply.
"You want me to tickle you?" 
"You want to sit on my lap?"

Of course, having a child sit on your lap when you are drawing/painting/scrapbooking is not exactly the most ideal of situations. Especially when the child asks a lot of questions. And there's also the weight situation. I draw the line when I can't feel my legs anymore.

"Would you like to make cards?"

And that was how I got somebody interested in making cards....

Just look at her happy face...somebody really likes to make cards...;)

These days I'm challenging myself to really mix it up when it comes to patterns. Tucking in little bits and pieces here and there...

And then trying to pull the whole thing together with embellishments.

It takes a lot longer on each layout but there's a great sense of satisfaction when the little bits and bobs get used up. :)

Playing along with My Creative Sketches.


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