Thursday's quick decorated paper bag


This week I challenged myself to work with a muted colour palette and to exercise restraint with the embellishments.

I started with this sturdy Kraft paper bag with black handles.

I kept things simple with a base patterned paper layer, a Kraft "mat", a fussy-cut patterned paper flower and leaves, a subtle ribbon tab and washi tape.

I finished off with a spritz of gold mist all over the paper bag to tie all the paper elements together. I also switched out the black bag handles for Kraft-coloured ones to fit in with the muted colour palette. :)


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Workspace Wednesday- salmon quiche


So I am currently trying out recipes that can be made ahead for busy days...or when I'm back to my regular travelling. 

Today I tried out a salmon quiche and it was well-received by the family. It was not hard to make but I probably need to make my dough earlier next time. I made my dough at 4pm today and served the quiche at 6.45pm (which is waaaaaayyyyyy past the usual dinner time of 6pm and people were "dying" already....*LOL*) because the dough needed to rest for an hour before rolling and another 15 minutes after.

Do you have any ideas of food to prep in advance for quick execution on busy days?


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Decorated kraft paper treat bag


Really needed to pretty up a Kraft paper treat bag as part of a gift package...and here she is all decorated! :)

As always, just a bunch of random stuff from my stash...

Put together is a somewhat cohesive manner (?)...

She turned out quite pretty eh? *winks*


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Mixed Media Monday - #the100dayproject finale



Well friends, today is the official last day of #the100day project! Did your gal make it? Oh yeah! *high fives all around*










Phew! That is it! The conclusion of #the100dayproject 2022. :)


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Nephew #1 now and then


So I was scrapbooking about the food I recently fed Nephew #1 for dinner...and found this old photo of his from wayyyyyyy back in 2014. 

Of course I had to incorporate it...and of course, it became a "Now and then" kind of a layout. *winks*

Yep...8 years on, he still has that winning smile that was the result of an overzealous aunt taking lots of photos. *LOL*


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Workspace Wednesday -another week of floral paintings to share



Well my friends, can't believe we are into the official last week of ends on Monday 23 May....and I am almost at the finishing line! (Yay! Go me! High fives all around!)


Do I paint every day? Nope. I just paint a few base paintings every other day...and then work in the details during the little pockets of time I have during the day.


It's been fun experimenting....:)


Not everything turns out pretty....


But I've been having a blast using my Holbein coloured pencils again. You may recall that I fell hard for the pencils a couple years ago when I bought a set from Japan. But since it was expensive to buy the replacement pencils outside Japan, I stopped using the pencils (so silly, right?). Now that my local art store sells them individually for a reasonable price ($3), I'm back to using them again....and falling back in love again. *romantic music plays in the background*


I try to change up the styles so that my IG feed doesn't look so boring...


But I kind of know which style I gravitate towards....


Do you know which style it is? *winks*


Let me know what you think of these floral paintings...:)


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Someone has travel on her mind - this week's decorated notebook


Well, someone clearly has travel on her mind as you can see on this week's travel-inspired decorated notebook. *winks*

Definitely to a cooler destination for sure...the heat in the last few weeks have been quite unbearable. 

I kept to a really limited colour palette and played with pattern on pattern. :)

What do you think?


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Make Stuff Monday - another mish mash decorated paper bag

 Happy Monday friends! Today's Make Stuff Monday is another mist mash decorated paper bag! :)

Just a play with patterns and colours!

Happy week ahead!

Off to catch up on your blogs!


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This week's super quick decorated notebook


Sometimes the need to "cover up" mistakes can lead to creativity. *winks* I initially measured the patterned paper to cover the entire notebook but it fell slightly short and you could see the white at the bottom. I used a wavy blade on the patterned paper and added a fun washi tape strip at the bottom. :)

And there you have it...this week's super quick decorated notebook. :)

Happy weekend friends! :)


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More floral paintings for the week


It's full steam ahead now as I finish up all my floral works-in-progress for #the100dayproject. They don't have to be perfect, just have to be done. :)


Apparently ink and wash is the way to go. Comes together really quickly because the details are added with a pen.:)



Tried my hand at something soft and delicate.*winks*


When you mess up your watercolour painting, just add pen so it appears deliberate. *LOL*


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