Tutorial Thursday: DIY chicken wire frame

DIY chicken wire frame

Hello friends! Happy Valentine's Day! Today I'm sharing an easy DIY chicken wire frame. :)

DIY chicken wire frame

I started off with this wood frame from Daiso. I wanted to put framed art in it but it came with a flimsy acetate instead of glass cover so I decided that I would "rework" it into a chicken wire frame instead. I painted it with two coats of chalkboard paint.

DIY chicken wire frame

Next I cut the chicken wire to size and adhered it to the back of the frame. Since I don't own a stapler gun, I went with hot glue. After that I "covered" up the unsightly glue marks by gluing some blue ribbon to the back. (Not that anyone sees the back anyway...but you know, I'm extra, I would know!*winks*)

DIY chicken wire frame

Next I decorated the frame with some vintage lace and pearl trim.

DIY chicken wire frame

I finished by creating a ribbon "handle" and adding some floral embellishments.

DIY chicken wire frame

I think it turned out quite pretty...should I make more??? *LOL*


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Layout Tuesday: A day in Orchard Road with nephew #1

So back in December, I brought nephew #1 out with me to Orchard Road (the Singapore version of Rodeo Drive in California or Champs Elysees in Paris) because I wanted to do some shopping.

Now, like all teenage guys, the dude HATES shopping. But I promised him that food would be involved so he got a little excited. I mean, he even wore long pants instead of bermuda shorts. He said he had to dress "nice" because he didn't want to look like the help...hahaha. Ahhh...proud aunt moment. He actually listens to me! *winks*

Our first stop was at a MOS Cafe where he had a huge burger. Then we did a little shopping....which meant I found him a seat somewhere, parked him there with free WIFI and snacks for 20 minutes and did my super quick shopping.

Then I brought him for my fave childhood activity (which I used to enjoy with my late grandpa)....supermarket food-tasting. It was 10 days before Christmas so there were lots of good stuff to taste!

Playing along with Let's Get Sketchy.


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6 Ideas for gifting a little love...Valentine's Day 2019 edition

With Valentine's Day in just a few days, I thought I would round up a few quick and easy projects to help you spread a little love to family and friends. :)

A little love for my sister
A little love for my sister
1. Upcycled brown paper bag.

This can be quickly put-together with some cute paper and fabric scraps, twine and button. 

Come join me for afternoon tea
2. Upcycled box and brown paper packaging.

If you have a little more time on your side, why not go a little more elaborate? Upcycle a clear box to house a package wrapped in brown paper packaging.

A card for the Fall Coffee Lovers Blog Hop
3. A card to go with a beverage.

Sometimes, you don't need a huge gesture to show someone that you are thinking of them. Buy them a thoughtful beverage and add a card to tell them that they are in your thoughts. :)

An altered box project for Maya Road

4.  A decorated gift box.

A decorated gift box always makes the gift extra special. Because the box is an extra gift. :)

Quick projects from paper scraps
Tips and tricks for altering stuff

5. Go for a tag.

A simple tag that conveys your sentiment. That the recipient can use as a bookmark or re-gift with a pressie.

6. A decorated paper bag.

Always useful to have a few of these around. Super practical. Portable and useful. Try something cute.Or something sweet. 

There you have it. 6 ideas for gifting a little love this Valentine's Day.
What are your fave ways for gifting a little love?

Happy week ahead friends! :)


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Self-portraits from the sketchbook

Hello friends! Just a quick share of (some attempts at *LOL*) self-portraits from my sketchbook. People who flipped through my previous sketchbook kept asking about the random people I this year, I shall try to draw actual people I know. Like myself. *winks*

As always, the initial sketch always makes me cringe. Then when I add in some colours, I feel somewhat decent at drawing. Hahaha!

Yes, I'm also trying different facial angles so that I can improve on my lights and darks.
In case you were wondering, I'm never "done" with my sketches. Sometimes when I discover a new "technique", I go back to my old sketches to refine them further. 

P/s: Hope you are having a great week so far. :)


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Workspace Wednesday: CNY 2019 edition

So I've been seeing red of late. A lot of red. Literally. *winks*

Yes, I've been knee-deep in making Chinese New Year decorations.

Like this lantern. (I followed this YouTube tutorial on Pineapple Lanterns with slight modifications to make it a hanging lantern)

I added a pig charm because 2019 is the year of the Pig.

I also made some large pineapple ornaments (with modifications to the original know, because I'm so extra...hehehe).

So it can sit on a table and look pretty. :)

Of course, I also found a cool YouTube tutorial on making a traditional ang bao lantern so I made 3.

And I've been baking too. Here the production line for my peanut cookies. (I have a really tiny oven so I can only bake 20 each it really is a labour of love.)

Well, one more weekend to get all the other cookies baked. Wish me luck!

P/s: What are you working on now?


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New additions: November, December and January edition

Hello friends! Thought I would share the new additions to my life in the last 3 months. In case you thought I was "good" and didn't actually buy anything. *LOL*

So back in November, I bought my first advent calendar - a skincare one from Kiehl's. Of course, I couldn't possibly wait till December to open just one "window" every day, right?

Well, I opened ALL 24 of them that night. *insert dramatic music*
Clearly, advent calendars are not designed for people who can't wait to open hidden "windows". *winks*

However, I was "good" and waited till Christmas to open the pressies that my friend Lizzy Hill sent me. Okay, because the package says NOT to open till Christmas. The advent calendar did not bear such stern warning. Hehehe...

She did say that I could open one pretty right? :)

I also got some lovely surprise happy mail from bloggy pal Lynn. Thanks so much for thinking of me.:)

My folks and sister went to Seoul and got me a bunch of stuff. Yes. I love Sponge Bob and Tasmanian Devil. And Korean face masks. :)

Nephew #1 went to Japan and bought me THIS. A staple-less stapler. Now, I made him watch a few YouTube videos on cool Japanese stationery to buy when in Japan but this was the only one he remembered. Clearly, this boy needs MORE intensive drilling before his next trip. ;)

Next up...some stuff my sister got for Christmas that she re-gifted to me because I have a thing for giraffes and My Little Melody. :)

My bestie got me this cute bubble tea keychain and bunny apron from Taiwan.

My cousin gave me these for Christmas. Tea and beauty products. She knows me well. :)

During the year-end sales, I snagged a Scanpan grill pan. Ah...the stuff I could cook with this. When I eventually get it out of the box that is. Hahaha.

Drunk Elephant skincare finally landed in Singapore and I took advantage of the Black Friday sale to snag some sets to try out. 

I also did my once-a-year Cyber Monday nail polish haul from KL Polish (which I made my bestie carry back from the US because they don't do international shipping).

And I also did one once-a-year haul from ColourPop during the year-end sales. You can tell that I'm into colour eh? *winks*

And because I'm so extra, I got myself some cute flamingo and pineapple brushes. They look so cute!!!

And last but not least, I got myself a furry bunny accessory for my bag. She's so cuddly. :)

There you have new additions from November, December and January. What are your new additions?


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