A page from my recipe planner...:)

What do you do when you have lots of food photos and planners? Well. you start compiling a recipe planner of course! *winks*

Since I rarely have a chance to take nice food photos before my family "attacks" the food, some of these recipe photos are going to include a family member posing with the food. Like nephew #1 here with the roast chicken.

This is a great way to compile your recipes and use up your scrapbooking bits too!

And practise your handwriting too! :)


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5 (more) ways to mix patterns like a pro on your creative projects

Last month I shared 5 ways to mix patterns like a pro on your creative projects. Here are 5 more ways to mix your patterns like a pro on your creative projects. :)

Cute layout for Maya Road & Ruby Rock-It product swap

1. Create a patchwork mat with your patterned papers.

Here is a great way to use up those patterned paper scraps by pulling them together to create a mat for your photos. 

Everybody love cheesecake

2. Slot little scrap pieces along the perimeter of your photos.

This is my fave way to utilize those little scrap bits that are too small to create substantial impact singularly but can add much interest collectively. :)

So we won tickers to see Kooza

3. Triangulation helps guide the eye and grounds the piece.

Here I used black/white elements to visually help guide the eye around the layout ... can you spot them?

The Tupperware Party
4. Fussy-cut your patterned pieces and create a whimsical "scene".

Fussy-cutting the elements allows you to incorporate smaller bits of patterned paper without overwhelming your creative piece. And a whimsical "scene" is always a fun way to document a fun life event. :)

The layout with lots of stuff
5. Use repeated shapes to create a cohesive look.

Here I cut my patterned paper into fishtails and triangles and scattered them throughout the whole layout for a cohesive finish.

There you have it...5 more ways to mix patterns like a pro on your creative projects.


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Make Stuff Monday: Christmas gift boxes!

Well well well. What do we have here? Christmas projects in July? Apparently so. *winks*

Yes friends. This girl is totally determined to get ahead of the game this year....and of course, the box pile was becoming quite the fire hazard. *LOL*

Plus I really wanted to incorporate this T2 tea box into my designs.

*Apologies for the photos: shiny surfaces are soooooo hard to photograph... I had to amp up the contrast so that you can actually see the details.*

Yeah...I might have gone overboard with the shiny pattern on pattern. *hahaha*

And of course, there must be at least 1 box draped in pearls right? *hehehe*

I went with a mix of patterned papers, stickers and chipboard.

I even took out a border punch for this one!

Happy week ahead friends! :)


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#the100dayproject finale

Well friends, we've made it to the end of the tunnel. I've successfully completed #the100daychallenge! :) *triumphant music plays in the background*

A blue eye for 95/100.

A side eye for 96/100.

Taz is not happy with 97/100.

This side eye 98/100 is looking out the window.

A tired eye for 99/100.

And here is the last eye...100/100!

P/s: I'm currently travelling ..catch up on your blogs next week. Happy weekend friends!:)


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This kid is always eating!

Yes, this kid (aka nephew #1) is always eating...and I have very clear photographic evidence. *dramatic music plays in the background*

I had a little fun with the title work to document his long-standing love affair with all things edible. *LOL*

I told the kid that I work very hard to maintain my fave aunt status...and his reply was, "Is there any competition?" *hahaha*

Of course I make him do cheesy poses with my food. That's a cheap price to buy for quality food., right? *winks*

Playing along with Let's Get Sketchy.


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How to create a pretty embellishment cluster

Hello friends! Ever drooled over pretty embellishment clusters on gorgeous creative projects and wondered how they were done? Me too! *LOL*

Now I can't tell you how those gorgeous projects you are thinking of are created. I can only share my version of creating a pretty embellishment cluster. So if you like my on! :)

My CHA 2017 mixed media canvas for Maya Road

1. Go bolder with your embellishments so they really pop off the background.

Stick with the same colour story but go with bold colours with your embellishments so that they really stand out on your creative piece.

Wood pallet for Maya Road CHA 2017

2.  Stick to a limited colour palette and play with a mix of textures.

I recommend picking 3 colours and then playing them up with different hues and tones of embellishments in a variety of textures to really create interest.

Vintage-inspired birthday tag

3. Work with a neutral/pastel colour palette.

This may be the easiest way to get started with creating a pretty embellishment cluster because it narrows down your choices and you can focus on mixing the textures to create the effect you want.

The last decorated box of 2017

4. Match the embellishments to the background paper.

Another way to ensure colour harmony is to match your embellishments to your background paper.

Baby girl gift box tutorial

5. Repeat shapes and elements for a cohesive look and feel.

When choosing your embellishments, bear in mind that repeated shapes and elements work together to create a cohesive look and feel. On this project, I went with circular "frames" and round bling.

A shabby chic magnet

6. Start with a focal point/key embellishment and build around it.

If you are observant, you will notice that I like to have ONE large embellishment (usually a bloom) as my focal point, then pull other smaller elements in to match that key element. 

A pretty clipboard cum chalkboard

7. Let your embellishments pop off the substrate.

If it's possible, let some of your elements pop off/hang off the base to create even more interest in your creative piece.
8. Add glitter or shimmer bits to your project.

Here I did go overboard with those gold mica flakes *LOL* but glittery shiny bits always make an embellishment cluster look prettier.  

There you have it....8 tips on how to create a pretty embellishment cluster. Which one is your fave?


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This week's quick decorated paper bag (a tutorial)

Don't you love it when you find "new" (technically old) stuff in your stash that you have to want to use immediately? *winks* For this decorated paper bag project, it was the large blue satin bloom from an old hair tie that had seen better days.

I started with this large YSL paper bag that I wanted to add to my stash of decorated paper bags. You know how those get dwindled down very quickly and how handy it is to have a decent read-to-use collection to select from. *LOL*

I cut 2 sheets of floral patterned paper (this one has embossed glittery bits!), ran it through my trusty Xyron Creative Station for an even layer of adhesive, then adhered to the paper bag. After that I decided to jazz up the top and bottom edges with pearl trim (also recently re-discovered while reorganizing my stash). I also added the pearl trim to the handles of the paper bag.

Next, it was time to audition other blooms to match my main bloom based on the colours from the patterned paper.

Then I started to assemble my main cluster with the blooms and leaves.

I finished by creating 2 smaller bloom clusters.

There you have it, a really quick and easy decorated paper bag.

Happy weekend friends!:)


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