Another decorated pie plate for my wall!


So I mentioned some time ago about my vision of a  wall full of decorated pie plates when I did my first one and my second one. Meet plate #3. :)

Hanging out with my sister. :)
Lots of scraps from my "save-it-for-a-rainy-day" stash.

P/s: Plate #4 is done too...even though I actually have 6 pie plates...but more than halfway there....yay! [A severe case of self-delusion. *LOL*]


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Happy birthday gift set for SRM Stickers


So I've been having fun making gift sets of late.:) Especially with the new additions at SRM Stickers.

Like the muslin bag. I added some ribbon to the bottom and just adhered stickers. All done in like 2 minutes!

And the new Mini Box. Of course, the chocolates have been eaten. Immediately after the photos were taken....*winks* [What? You are not supposed to eat the props? *LOL*]

Then I thought it would be fun to use SRM Take 2 Birthday Stickers on a camera image. I used some light modeling paste with a Crafter's Workshop stencil....and then just added ribbon and stickers. :)

Everything fits nicely into the muslin bag and it's a very quick way to whip up a handmade gift set! :)


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R you ready?


New year. Same story.

Getting the nephews and niece together for THE perfect shot often results in an increase in Aunt Y's arsenal of future "blackmail" photos....*winks*

Someone is bound to be distracted by a flying insect or something more exciting...*LOL*

So I give up after 120 seconds...and hope the frantic clicking will result in at least a few usable shots! :)

Inspired by the sketch at Scrap365.

P/s: If you read last week's Talking Point: How to get on design teams and are inspired to give design teams a go, there is a fantastic opportunity at Xyron! [click on link to apply]. I really enjoyed my term with Xyron...not only is the company generous in terms of products and design opportunities, the bosses are awesome and promote traffic to DTers' blogs through its 100K strong Facebook Fan Page.:) Good luck!


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The quest to use up the fussy-cut bits...


So this weekend, I was a girl on a mission....*winks*
To use up a 12x12 sheet of fussy-cut patterned paper...instead of adding it to my scrap paper pile...You know how it is with those piles...they just GROW!

Here is a photo with all the fussy-cut critters and trees...

I even decorated the inside of the card to "help" me in my quest....*LOL*

So how did I do? 2 cards, 1 tag, 3 kraft/glassine bags, 1 layout and 1 canvas later...I still have a few pieces left...guess they are going into the scrap pile! *LOL*

Linking to Case Study.


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Talking Point: How to get on design teams

If you have been doing this artistic thing online for a while, chances are that you have thought about being on design teams. Perhaps it's about self-actualization - to see how far you can go with what started off as a hobby. Perhaps it's to score the "free" stuff when you design for a manufacturer. 

But if you have applied for design teams, you would also know that a 100% success rate is unheard of...*LOL* I've asked some of my bloggy friends Laurel SeabrookJulie Tucker-WolekAmy Tsuruta and Lizzy Hill for their tips on getting on design teams. Hope they can help you... and me! *winks*

1. Use their products.

Nothing beats seeing the product in action. If you can't get hold of their products, use similar products in your projects when applying for the team. [I have gotten on some design teams without using any of their products - Purple Pumpkin, Zeus and Zoe, Gauche Alchemy, Blue Fern Studios, Faber Castell. ]

"Create different types of projects (cards, layouts, altered art) so that they see how well you can use their products." Laurel Seabrook                                                                        
2. Apply to companies whose products you are passionate about.

Applying for a design team is very much like applying for any job. You need to know about the company and like the product that you are going to help sell with your designs.

"When I started out applying to design teams I applied for anything that was posted.  Personally, I've learned through the years that you're better off to apply to companies/blog DT calls that you're passionate about.  That passion will show in your projects. " Amy Tsuruta
"I always apply for teams that I believe in....whether that is in their ethos, or their products. I feel really strongly that having an affinity in this way strengthens your chances. And if you DO make it, you know you'll feel comfortable in that role. " Lizzy Hill                                                                                                           
3. Get spotted by being involved.

Help yourself get "discovered" by playing along with the challenges and participating in social media.

"If you are going for a manufacturer design team, then follow their blog, follow their Facebook page.  But don't just follow them, comment on their blogs and 'like' and comment on their Facebook posts! :) They will get to know your name and that is a good thing when you go out for their team! :)" Julie Tucker-Wolek
"Share your projects using their products with them via facebook, instagram, however you can." Laurel Seabrook 
"I think being an active blogger who both posts & comments regularly helps a lot too. Many teams are product or challenge based, so it's important to understand that you are actually helping that product or site to become better known. Being 'visible' is a huge draw card for getting on teams. " Lizzy Hill                                                                                                              
4. Play to your strengths.

As you know, I don't fit into the standard mould of a mainstream designer...I'm happiest doing what I enjoy rather than being pigeon-holed into doing what's popular. Not doing what everybody else is doing makes it easier to stand out because there's less "competition" in that space. 

"It's about having the skills that a particular DT is looking for - so make sure you highlight your scrappy strengths when applying - or apply for teams that look like they would suit your scrapping strengths!" Lizzy Hill
5. Don't give up.

Rejection comes with the territory. Don't take it too personally. You can always try again.

"... those of us that have tried out for design teams know how hard it is! It can be nerve-wrecking, stressful and totally depressing if you don't make a team! And all of us that have tried out for teams, have been rejected.  No doubt about it! Rejection has come to all of us!" Julie Tucker-Wolek
"I'm not gonna's not easy to get on teams. You need persistence & perseverance - and of course, you've gotta give LOTS of them a shot. And you will get knock backs. I'm never disappointed if I get that 'Thanks but no thanks' email. There's ALWAYS another opportunity around the corner....& you've gotta be in it to win it!" Lizzy Hill                                                                                    
Have you tried applying for design teams? What other tips do you have? Please share in the comments.


Julie Tucker-Wolek currently designs for Artful Delight and LESSology.
Laurel Seabrook currently designs for Pebbles, My Mind's Eye, Jillibean Soup, SRM Stickers and Unity Stamp Co.


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My fave colours...on a canvas! :)


Give me anything in hues of blues and greens...and I'm happy! Here are my fave colours...on a canvas! :)

Love that I can tuck in little bits of trim in my embellishment cluster. :)

What about you? What colours make you feel happy?


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10 ways to "dress up" your boxes/containers

Well, you know me and my need to make every box/container feel pretty...*LOL* Here are 10 ways to "dress up" your boxes and containers! :)

See more in this post "Decorating a pillow box"

1. Try a little window treatment.

There's something about a pretty window sill....:)

See more in this post "Upcycled boxes for Blue Fern Studios"

2. Make it feel like royalty.

Try some gold foil paper and bling. It looks and feels luxurious.

3. "Washify" it.

Give your washi tape a workout. 

See more in this post "Special delivery mailbox"

4. Make it kawaii!

Go bright and cutesy with bold, happy colours.

See more in this post "For the love of black lace"

5. Let it feel sexy with peekaboo lace and pearls.

I love tone-on-tone when it comes to lace. Black lace on a black box. Understated elegance.

See more in this post "Upcycled cake box with Faber Castell"

6. Make it a garden with blooms and butterflies.

You can never go wrong with blooms and butterflies.

See more in this post "Pulling out pretty stuff..."

7. Give it an old world charm.

Layer pieces of vintage lace and add some old charms. 

See more in this post "Upcycled tea tin with Blue Fern Studios"

8. Make it feel pretty all over.

Consider decorating all around a round container for maximum impact.

See more in this post "Thank you friends"

9. Give it a textural mix.

Mix it up by combining different elements - soft lace against hard metal. Keep them in the same colour family and it will look classy and chic.

See more in this post "Mixed media + cute stuff..."

10. Try something different - mixed media cuteness

Mix unexpected elements together for unexpected results. I started with lots of paint and gel medium on the base of the box, then decided that I really wanted to use the owls fabric button...*LOL*

There you have it. 10 ways to "dress up" your boxes/containers. Which is your fave?


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The one about the cabbage and pork place...


Okay. The title is a little misleading. This layout isn't about food. *winks*

It is really about a cool museum in Taipei - The National Palace Museum. Where the two KEY exhibits are a piece of jade shaped like a cabbage and a stone shaped like a piece of braised pork...I kid you not!

Since no photos were allowed in the museum, we took some outside...and as usual, I "dirtied" the huge photo and had to do some cover-up work with "creative placement" of embellishments...*LOL*

Playing along with the sketch at Chic Tags.


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Decorated kraft bags with Xyron

I love using kraft bags as little gift bags. :) Here are 3 ideas using little bits of scrap papers, packaging and found stuff from my "save-it-for-rainy-day" box.

I ran the smaller pieces through the Xyron 3" Sticker maker for an even layer of adhesive.

The larger pieces are ran through the Xyron 5" Creative Station.

Adhere the pieces to the kraft bags. For the dimensional elements, I used the Xyron High Tack Adhesive Dots.

For this kraft bag, I used Basic Grey packaging as my base, a strip of glittered cardstock, SRM Stickers and a cute charm.

For this kraft bag, I added an ice-cream stick, twine and a die-cut envelope for interest.

There you have it, decorated kraft bags using your scraps and found items. Now I'm ready when I need to pack a gift or 2! :)


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