10 ideas for using pastel colours on your cards

You know how I love big bold punches of colour. But sometimes, I gravitate towards soft subtle pastel colours too. Here are 10 ideas for using pastel colours on your cards.:)

Can I stick to the supplies I pulled out?

1. Use pretty patterned paper and add dimensional elements to echo the patterns.

Thanks PaperCrafts and Scrapbooking magazine

2. Play with different textures on your card.

 A quick mixed media card

3. Try a little stenciling with light modeling paste and a watercoloured effect for the leaves, then add dimensional flowers.

A shaker card

4. Make a shaker card with your sweet pastel sequins.

I see more shimmering projects in my future

5. Tone down bright colours with a shimmering Wink of Stella pen.

The earth laughs with flowers mixed media card

6.  Go for a vintage vibe with tea-stained paper.

Card for Lynnda Hosni

7. Try out a pink and grey/silver combo.

White space makes an impact

8. Use white space to amplify the soft pastel colours.

I love a good cup of tea

9. Go for shabby chic with a little lace on chipboard action.

When watercolour met washi

10. Steal colours from a washi tape design and add textural elements to match.

There you have it. 10 ideas for using pastel colours on your cards. Which is your fave?

P/s: You can see the closeups of each card by clicking on the links to the original posts.


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A quick tag tutorial


When I want instant gratification on a project, I usually go for a tag. Since it doesn't have to fit in an envelope like a card, I can get away with any size [usually based on the scraps I have] and adding dimensional elements. :)

I started with a piece of packaging cardboard. I trimmed some Graphic 45 patterned paper and adhered to the front and back of the cardboard.Then I distressed the edges.

I added some packaging ribbon to the tag and secured it with a brad. Then I applied Golden Glass Bead Gel with The Crafter's Workshop stencil. While that was drying, I picked out my embellishments. 

When the glass bead gel dried, I applied Daler Rowney gold paint over the raised surfaces. The last step was to embellish.

I left some space on the tag so that I could write a personalized message for the recipient.


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If I can draw, you can too!

"Drawing is like taking a line for a walk."  Paul Klee 
And these walks, I must say, are very enjoyable. Frustrating at times but always rewarding.

When I started drawing a few months ago, I was rather apprehensive about how it would turn out. The two years of compulsory art back in school didn't instill confidence as I recalled how my still life turned out. The only reason why I still got an 'A' was because I had the option to do manuscript writing in the final examination. Apparently, my penmanship was much better than my apple drawing skills! *LOL*

The thing is that we assume that a drawing needs to be realistic. Let go of that idea and start drawing! I can get realism from a photo so I'm going whimsical in my drawings! *winks*

I drew this girl on an 8x10 canvas panel and painted her with a mix of acrylic paints, inks, coloured pencils and gelatos. The background was created with a napkin and matte medium. I added some vintage curtain material as part of my girl's blouse.

Playing along with ARTastic challenge.


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The one about sulky Sophie


So my niece S takes a while to warm up to people and when you "force" her to take a photo with someone she's afraid of [like Aunt E], she sulks. *LOL*

Check out the smile on my sister's face versus sulky Miss Sophie. 

Lesson learnt: Don't expect to take a nice photo when someone is sulking. *LOL*

Playing along with Stuck?! Sketches,


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The truth about altering a box... (a tutorial)

Altering a box is a labour-intensive job. Even if it's just decoupaging with patterned paper. And it is even more time-consuming if you want to get "fancy" know, upcycle existing materials and incorporate your "found" objects to make it a one-of-a-kind project....the kind of stuff I like.:)

Since it is going to be a labour of love, I would suggest going for a sturdy box. So that it can withstand the altering process and have a decent lifespan as a pretty box.

My fave boxes are mooncake boxes [from the Mid-Autumn Festivals]. Now apparently a LOT of people like to pass their mooncakes boxes to me [sans the mooncake!] but I'm fussy about what I alter. I like to be challenged creatively but if I have to reinforce the box before I start work on it, it fails the sturdy test and goes straight into the recycle bin.

Yep, a box collector with standards. *LOL*

I started by covering the box with wrapping tissue [from packaging] and matte gel medium.

Then I applied gesso all over. Gesso is hard on paintbrushes so I like to use a sponge.

And then covered it with silver paint.

The next step was to apply some stencil design on the box. I wanted to use my white opaque flakes because it was one of those neglected mediums.

I loved the stenciled design when it dried and also "rediscovered" why I hardly used the white opaque flakes. It was looked very pretty but the rough texture wasn't pleasant to the touch. It was "pokey". Now who wants to "cut" themselves every time they open a box right? *winks*

The "pokey" box lay in plain sight amongst my stash, mocking at me every day...
"Have you found a solution? Are you going to make me pretty? Why are you ignoring me?"

For two whole weeks, it tormented me. [dramatic music plays in background].

Until last Saturday. When I rummaged through my stash and found a piece of remnant vintage curtain which reduced the roughness of the texture and still allowed the stencilled design to be seen. Progress!

There was also the challenge of adhering the fabric around a circular box. I decided to add "gathers" and added pearls and buttons to distract. [Okay, I was watching Amazing Wedding Cakes while doing this....*LOL*]

I kept the embellishment clusters on the cover simple so that it showed off more of the texture I spent so much time on. And gives me the option to add a personalized sentiment or name for when I actually give the box away.

So now you know friends, altering a box is no easy task. There will be an extremely "ugly" stage when you question yourself on why you even started the project in the first place. But there's a great sense of satisfaction when it's done. :)


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Neutral textures on a card


Don't you love it when the scraps on your desk come together nicely for a card?

I was fiddling with the wooden ATC for another project when I dropped it on the floor. As I bent down to pick it up, a piece of remnant lace fell on top of it. I liked how they layered so I started to assemble a card by adding other neutral and textured elements.

I finished with a pretty trim [thanks Lizzy!], button and diecut sentiment. Not too shabby for a 15 minute card, eh?


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Upcycled gift-wrap (a tutorial)


I've always been a sucker for pretty packaging.

"Does it come in that box? " I asked excitedly.
"Yes. It's a limited edition...check out this beautiful clasp. There are drawers here and there's this ..." replied the salesperson.

You know he has me....hook line, and sinker. Holiday shopping is especially perilous since it's designed to entice weak-willed souls like me. Who can resist all the pretty packaging right? *winks*

But wait.
I can make packaging pretty. And one-of-a-kind is limited edition right? *high fives all around*

I started with this sturdy Kikki K box and some DCWV patterned paper.

After a little measuring and cutting, I run the patterned paper through my Xyron 9" Creative Station for an even layer of adhesive.

Next I adhered lace to the box with some matte gel medium. Matte gel medium usually dries clear but this patterned paper was coated with a sheen finish so I could see the adhesive marks even after it dried.

So I went in with some Golden Glass Bead Gel to "cover up" the adhesive marks. And I loved the end result because it added a subtle glitter effect. :)

The last step was to embellish! My mum's friend passed me a ton of this purple tulle and the silk flowers were old napkin holders.

I loved how this turned out.

It was perfect for some cute stuff I bought for my mum's friend who's expecting a baby girl.:)


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