The allure of mixed media....

About a year ago, I embarked on a journey to get more out of my art supplies...learning the strengths and weaknesses of each medium, how each medium worked on its own and how they work with other mediums. The allure of mixed media is that it allows you to take advantage of the special qualities of each medium and come up with a total that is greater than all its parts. :)

I did end up adding more art supplies to my collection *winks* but it has been an interesting experience that included learning how to draw and paint faces.

I fell hard for watersoluble coloured pencils...particularly those by Caran d'Ache. [The Swiss brand makes excellent products...]

And of course, watercolours... for the transparency and luminosity of colours. *sigh* Who wants to see my watercolour collection? [The palette pictured is my travel kit...*LOL*]

P/s: Happy weekend friends! I'm looking forward to welcoming May with open arms since I've been under the weather for most of April.


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A super quick tag!


So I got a lovely box of yummy goodies from Maya Road and whipped up a quick tag! :)

I wanted to use my silver book corners so a washer came in handy...*winks*

Love the resin bird, lace trim and tulle bloom...

Happy week ahead friends!


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10 ways to incorporate a tassel on your project

It's no secret that I LOVE tassels. In all forms. I love that you can add soft, swishy movement to a project by adding one. Or how pretty it looks in a planner. Why, yes... you are right, I do have a collection of tassels - a mix of happy vibrant colours....even though I will always have a weakness for white tassels...Here are 10 ways to incorporate a tassel on your project. :)

A quick mixed media tag tutorial

1. Add a classy touch to a vintage-inspired tag.

I wanted to make one of those timeless and elegant tags so I went with a muted colour palette. The white tassel was glued down at the top so that the bottom part swishes when you move the tag. :)

The mixed media canvas that was in the half-done pile for a while...

2.  Colour it to match your project.

The flowers and tassel on this project started out pink but were misted a shimmering lilac to create contrast and depth.

Embracing the cute stuff

3. Let it look pretty in your planner.

Hang a tassel or two in your planner. They can serve as a page divider or just look pretty in your planner. :)

A vintage-inspired mixed media canvas for Maya Road

4. Add vintage charm to a vintage-inspired mixed media canvas.

This cute little leather tassel from Maya Road really goes well with vintage ephemera.

Adding to my monogram collection
5. Accentuate a vertical design.

Except for the pink blooms and leaf, the monogram consisted mainly of white on white embellishments.  So the tassel provided another textural element while accentuating the vertical line of the letter.
Pastel colours and floral clusters...
6. Draw the eye to the focal point.

The tassel helped to guide the eye through the densely decorated mixed media canvas.

Meet my yum pan...

7. Add fun and whimsy to your project.

Try a little tassel trim for a fun and whimsical project.

A wall hanging for Xyron and Maya Road

8. Dress up the tail ends of a hanging project.

Instead of beads or ribbon, use tassels on your wall hanging.

Current faves on a mixed media canvas
9. Serve as a bow companion.

Fish tail ribbon ends are pretty but oh-so-normal. Why not let a tassel be your bow companion? *winks*

The one where a drill was involved....

10. Be a playful interactive element on a mixed media canvas.

I created this mixed media canvas as a functional decorative piece. You can hang bracelets or trinkets from the door knobs, switch out the photo and notecard and play with the hanging tassel.

There you have it...10 ways to incorporate a tassel on your project. Which one is your fave?


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Bearing the heat...for the camera! *winks*


These days I have been trying to get from one air-conditioned place to another with as little time spent in the open as possible. It's been sooooooooo hot! 

These two cuties [nephew J & niece S] weren't too happy about having to pose for pictures in the heat...but after a bit of whining, I did get some lovely shots of my fave little people. :)

Playing along with Stuck?! Sketches.


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Black and gold tag


Have you ever made a project just to use something you just bought? *winks* Well, for me, it was the book corners....

I started with a piece of packaging cardboard which I covered with a black and gold foiled patterned paper. The next layer was lace fabric from an old dress. It had a floral design so I added some paper blooms to create a layered petal effect. 

I added Golden gold mica flakes to the blooms for extra sparkle and finished with a black and gold tassel....and my book corners of course. :)


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Miss Super Sticky...*winks*


Meet Miss Super Sticky [aka my niece] least she was last Saturday....*winks* 

Usually, she takes time to "warm up" when she comes over. Grandma would try to talk to her and get ignored.... Grandpa would try to talk to her and get get the drift.

But last Saturday, she was Miss Super Sticky. Somehow, all day long, she would hold my hand or climb over to sit on my know, sticking to me like super glue. *LOL* Of course, I had to milk it for all it was worth...and took a gazillion photos. :)

Still working through my patterned paper stash...I think I've used up an inch or so. Only another 24 inches to go....wish me luck!

Playing along with Stuck?! Sketches.


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Painted blossoms...


When it comes to art and craft, I'm really bad at following directions. Or rather, I tend to veer off in the direction of my choosing [in real life, I don't even park illegally because I would feel so guilty...*LOL*]....

Like when I tried when one of the painted exercises in this book I picked up at the library. My piece looks like nothing from the example or anything from the whole book! *winks*

But it was fun painting abstract blossoms from corner to corner in my art journal. And my acrylic "friends" were happy to join me in my play! :)


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The embellished mixed media girl...with a little help from my niece...:)


Here's another one of my mixed media girls on wood panel...

A look at the beginnings...sketched in coloured pencil, coloured with acrylic paints and inks...

Roped in some help from my niece in choosing Maya Road embellishments...

Of course, my niece picked out her fave ones from my stash because she thinks I painted this for her...*winks*

Maya Road does make pretty embellishments eh?

The girl got some pretty trim for her blouse too! :)

This project was created for Maya Road.

P/s: This was a travelling week so I'm way behind in returning blog visits...will play catchup soon friends! Happy weekend!


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Easy-to-make pretty envelopes...tutorial


Well friends, you know I like to collect I don't have enough things as it is...*LOL*

Even little cute envelopes from restaurant receipts...:)

I ran them through the Xyron Creative Station for an even layer of adhesive, then added lace fabric and cut down to size. You can use matte gel medium or other liquid glue but dry adhesive is the fastest and least messy way to get it done.

Then comes the fun part...embellishing with pretty trim! For this step, I went with a hot glue gun for instant gratification... *winks*

One of the easiest ways to dress up envelopes and make them pretty, don't you think?

This project was created for LESSology Challenge #57: Snail Mail Revolution which is to decorate an envelope.


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