Getting into a comfy drawing routine...this week's eye drawings for #the100dayproject


With less than 3 weeks to go on #the100dayproject, I am finally getting into a comfy drawing routine. And by does it take discipline. I'm not going to lie, the first few weeks were hard and I fell behind by 10 days and did really want to give up. But I failed miserably in 2020 and decided that 2021 was NOT going to be the same. I finally caught up by the halfway mark (I had to draw and paint 2-3 eyes per day in a week). And I have not fallen behind since. *triumphant music plays in the background*

Not every eye is a 77/100.

Or 78/100.

But every eye is a learning journey and a chance to show my art supplies some love. :)

And an opportunity to try out different angles..79/100.

Within a self-imposed time limit on each piece so that I'm forced to complete it as best as I can within that time frame of 90 minutes max...80/100.

When you fuss around less, you get things done a lot faster...81/100.

One of the greatest gains of this project is that I've fallen back in love with watercolours again. A good thing since I spent a fortune on my "collection" *winks* You can really do drama and transparency with watercolours....82/100. :)

Happy Thursday friends! :)


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Lizzyc said...

Well I think each eye looks amazing, love the different colors!

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