Another week of mixed media eye drawings for #the100dayproject


So I've been really enjoying my watercolours evidenced by the entire week of eye drawings so far. I love the translucency of the colours as you layer them. Of course, I tend to go overboard with them and then try to "save" the eye drawing with coloured pencils. *LOL*

Meet 62/100.

Not sure about the brows for 63/100.

Okay I'm really into this shade of pink...64/100.

The side eye for 65/100.

Went for the unblended look for 66/100.

So I was really heavy-handed with the layering of the watercolours...and had to venture into the dark side for 67/100.

And today's brooding eye 68/100.

I think I'm getting better at the brow game? What do you think?


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Cindy deRosier said...

The green side eye. And the dark eye. WOW.

Lizzyc said...

You do an amazing eye and brow.. I am in awe!!

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