The one about the prawn peeling service


So apparently the prawn peeling service offered by my sister E in the Yam household is only available for the old (the folks) and the "disabled" (aka nephew #1 with his fractured thumb).

Yep...yours truly had to peel my own prawns. *LOL*

Okay, I had to scrapbook about the fracture first for this prawn peeling layout to make sense for you..*winks* Yep, finally got all the layouts for 2020 done! I left 2 slots for these layouts in the family scrapbook album and the empty slots were driving me nuts! Hahaha!

Definitely had lots of fun using the bits and bobs from my scrap pile. :)

Happy Tuesday friends! :)


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Cindy deRosier said...

Love it! The empty slots drive me nuts, too. But if I'm inspired to work on other stuff, I just accept that the slots may be there for awhile. I'm making great progress on filling them during the pandemic, though!

Lynn said...

I love how you combine seemingly unrelated 'stuff' to make a charming layout. Amazing...yes, you are!

Lizzyc said...

Of course breakages have to be scrapped!! Looks great!!

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