The one about the fracture

Back in November, nephew #1 had a cycling mishap while he was out with his friends at a nearby island (Pulau Ubin). 

He had scrapes on his right arm and fractured his left thumb. Clearly nothing really major but the A&E doctor put his entire left forearm in a cast because he couldn't decipher an x-ray properly. *shakes head* (We were told that he fractured his hand and forearm in 3 different places...and when the cast came off, the doctor was like, "Oops, it's just the thumb!" ...I kid you not!)

I mean, the kid doesn't even look like he's in pain, right? (Of course, he could have been loopy while on pain meds...or because I was holding his hand. *LOL*)

Despite needing help to shower and eat for 2 weeks (till the cast came off), the kid was just living his best life playing computer games all day. :)

Just a layout with lots of random bits...

Playing along with The Studio Challenges SCRAP challenge..

S- Stickers 

C- Chipboard

R - Ribbon

A - Ampersand

P - Patterned papers


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Lizzyc said...

Oh my! That is a large cast for a broken thumb!!! i hope it has mended really well.. and lots on that page but it looks great!

Cindy deRosier said...

Wow, how do you accidentally confuse three breaks in an arm with one in a thumb?! I guess it's better than making a mistake the opposite direction. I really like this layout, particularly the mismatched title work.

瑞尼 Rainny said...

This is really a terrible experience. Fortunately, you can have fun in hardship.
I love this beautiful layout! Such a great mix of papers and alphas! Thanks so much for sharing with us at The Studio Challenges.

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