Make Stuff Monday - a storage-friendly decorated paper bag


Hello friends! This week's Make Stuff Monday is a storage-friendly decorated paper bag. :)

Okay, so who guessed that the gal used washi tape to cover up some "mistake"? *winks*

Yes, the gal shifted the paper a little while using the cutter and there were two cut lines and she already adhered the patterned paper to the bag and any adjustments would result in the tearing of paper. So, she added a thin washi tape border and hoped that everyone would just think that it was a whole design element thingy. 

But no, she actually wanted more of the black border to come through to match the black bag handles and of course, the sides of the paper bag. *LOL*

The black lace trims used were the straps of an old bralette...I just glued the it to the original black handles that came with the bag. It was a little messy and there were some visible glue marks. But of course, that was easily rectified with a black Sharpie. *high fives all around*

Happy week ahead friends! We are currently in a mini "lockdown" in Singapore (no dining out and social groups of 2 only) for the next 4 weeks because of unlinked cases of COVID 19 in the community *insert sad music* Please, please, please wear a mask when you go out,  even if you are vaccinated...anywhere in the world. 


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Cindy deRosier said...

You fooled me! I totally thought it was an intentional design element.

Sorry to hear you're on lockdown again. Things are finally opening up here (California slower than the rest of the US) but we're continuing to stay at home until Trevor is fully vaccinated in mid-June.

Lynn said...

I wouldn't have suspected any boo-boo. The bag looks fabulous! Love the colors and paper pattern.

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Cheers, Yvonne.

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