The one about E making dinner


So the other day, my sister E made us dinner! Such rarity deserved a page in the family scrapbook album! *winks*

We have social media to thank for the sushi wrap thing we had. E saw it and wanted to make it as a snack for herself...and I convinced her that she should just make more and that would be dinner (which would mean one less meal for me to cook..hehehe).

Of course my sister obliged me with photos...check out the one where she is focused on getting the ingredients for the sushi wrap just perfect...*LOL*

In case you were wondering about sushi wrap...sushi rice, spam, eggs, purple carrots and tomatoes wrapped in seaweed. :)

Verdict: You will love it if you love spam. (at least for this version) But I must say it was a really quick dinner to put together. If you see the clock on the wall in the photo, we had dinner at 5 plus. *LOL*

Happy weekend friends! :)


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Cindy deRosier said...

Such a fun page! As always, I love looking for all the fun little bits and details.

Lynn said...

Hmmm...that's a unique sushi...never had tomatoes in mine. Our local favorite is spam musubi. We even have a spam musubi press and spam slicer to get even pieces. I put furukaki in my rice to add more flavor. Love the scrapbook layout!

Lizzyc said...

Good idea to make it into a dinner.. looks interesting.. fabulous layout!

James Charlie said...

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