What's in my backup art supply stash?

Even though I love to try out new art supplies, I do stand by my tried and tested art supply stash. So much that I have a backup stash of them. Because it would drive me nuts if I can't purchase them immediately when my current supply runs out. *winks*

1. Tombow Pit Multi2 glue

This has been my fave glue for a really long time. It has two dispensers - one for fine tip application and another for larger areas. When you adhere immediately after application, it is a strong adhesive. When you allow the glue to get tacky before adhering, you get a reposition-able adhesive hold.

2. Faber Castell Pitt Artist Big Brush Pen in white

This pen features India ink that is lightfast, waterproof, permanent, acid-free and pH neutral which means that it works on a wide variety of surfaces. I use it in my final layers of mixed media drawing/painting.

These tend to sell out pretty quickly in my local bookstore so I pick one up whenever I see one. The inks last very long but the tips of the marker wear out quickly if you mark them on rough surfaces.

3. Uni-Posca Ultra-Fine marker.

This water-based pigment ink is lightfast and water-resistant. Plus it write on virtually any surface. I use this for highlights on my face drawings.

The only drawback is that it isn't refillable...and it gets a little expensive if you keep using them up!

4. Prismacolor Premier White Colored Pencil

I use this for highlights and blending so I run through these really quickly. I tend to buy a few at a go so that I can put one in each of my pencil cases.

5. Faber Castell Perfection 7058 Eraser Pencil with brush

I love this white hard eraser that can be sharpened for detailed erasing. The brush end is perfect for cleaning up any eraser remnants.

6.  Faber Castell kneadable eraser

Yep. Another eraser. :) I remember how I thought the store sold me a faulty product because it was so soft and squishy. It is soft so that you can knead it to erase specific shapes on a drawing. I use it to lighten graphite marks on my sketches.

The gray ones are always out of stock so I buy a few backups. I'm sure it will work as well in the other colours but I just love the gray ones. (I know I'm weird...*LOL*).

There you have it - my current backup art supply stash. Clearly I need to get the attention of the folks at Faber Castell since I'm buying a lot of their stuff...hehehe. :)

What about you? What's in your backup art supply stash?


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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

ZipDry -- that one is ALWAYS in supply at my house - I would probably die if I ran out! LOL!! I will have to try that glue you have listed here though!!

Cindy deRosier said...

I have a backup stash too. Tombow tape runners, Glue Dots, Martha Stewart glitter glue, Fiskars trimmer blades, and my favorite Sakura pens.

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