Tutorial Thursday: Yum pan #2

Back in March 2014, I shared my first yum pan (aka badly scratched Tefal pancake pan turned decorative piece).

Well, five years on and another badly scratched pan joins the yum pan family. *winks*

I started by cutting a piece of grey felt and adhering it to the base of the pan.

Then I covered the sides of the pan with remnant lace pieces.

Next I went in with some lace trim to cover up the uneven edges.

Once that was complete, it was time for my fave part of every project - embellishing!

And yes, that is an oyster shell.

Because when I go eat oysters and scallops at a restaurant, I bring the shells back with me. Yeah, these were on a plane with me. From Taipei to Singapore. *LOL*

I love that the oyster shell added a little dimension and sparkle. :)

I received "complaints" that we keep using the same signages for family photos so I made this one - perfect for new year celebrations and birthdays. ;)

What do you think?


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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I loveeeeeeeee it!!! LOOKS amazing!!!!! LOVING the shell and of course the pearls!!!!!!

Cindy deRosier said...

This is a great addition to your collection of celebration signs!

I can't believe you bring shells from a restaurant and onto a plane. That is hilarious! And such a crafter thing to do, LOL. I wonder what your waiters think when they clear your plate and you've seemingly eating the ENTIRE oyster, shell and all!

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