How many bits of packaging can you fit on a card?


So the question is: How many bits of packaging can you fit on a card? 

Can you spot the bits? *winks*

Let's break it down:

1. We have the green patterned mat which was from a Fresh packaging box.

2. Next we have the fussy cut blooms from a paper bag (I used them on the lantern and layout too).

3. Then we have the "free drink" ticket from some happy mail packaging.

4.  Also, the cute fox was cut out of some wrapping paper packaging from happy mail.

5. The graph patterned paper was from happy mail packaging too.

6. The ribbon tab was from a Fresh packaging box. 

Did you guess correctly? *LOL*


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Cindy deRosier said...

YES! I actually guessed correctly! But only cause I know how good you are at reusing packaging.

Lizzyc said...

You are the queen of up cycling.. fabulous card.. and I guessed more cos I know you can fit so much on your cards!!!!

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