Mixed Media Monday - tulips in a jar painting


In today's Mixed Media Monday - I'm sharing a tulips in a jar painting that I did just today. It started off as a morning practice piece. Then I had some pockets of time in the afternoon and just "finished" it while listening to a science podcast. 

I'm really enjoying my new desk by the window for painting in natural light. It's so lovely to not have to clear your desk to do your other work. *winks*

Hope you are doing well in your neck of the woods. Tighter restrictions are back in place here with social gathering sizes reduced from 5 to 2. The COVID fatigue is real. I've been keeping my home-cooked meals a lot more simple. And devoting every extra bit of time I have to self-improvement. If I'm going to be stuck at home, I'm going to maximise that time and work on being a better version of myself. 


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Cindy deRosier said...

Very pretty!

We have very few, if any, COVID restrictions right now. Masks are required in surrounding counties, but here they are just suggested (other than in federal facilities and schools). Fortunately, most people are masking any time they're in public. I wish the restrictions were tighter.

Lynn said...

Oh, this is a great practice piece that should be framed. I love the glass hard to do. You are a very positive person. Yay!

Lizzyc said...

Oh your tulips are so pretty.. love the colors... and take care of yourself.. I hope the restrictions dont have to last too long.. holding our breath that we are not heading into lockdown here a few cases appearing...sigh..

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