Another week, another upcycled project from the scrap pile


Hello friends! Another week, another upcycled project from the scrap pile! :)

I started with this sturdy kraft envelope that was filled with sachets of skincare samples in a recent skincare purchase.

In case you were wondering...hmmm this gal buys a lot of skincare. Yes I have only ONE face and body but I have to buy skincare supplies for THREE - myself, mum and nephew #1. I'm always on the hunt for a good promotion to stock up on supplies because those 2 will tell you they are out of something on the day it finishes. Apparently, I'm the skincare fairy. *LOL*

Just the usual mish mash from the scrap pile. I think it turned out quite pretty. *winks*


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Cindy deRosier said...

LOL about the skincare fairy. I'm the deodorant and shampoo fairy, presumably able to make it magically appear from nowhere according to two people who NEVER tell me when they're running low.

Lizzyc said...

Oh I love this.. very pretty.. love how you have made the daisy!

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