June's kitchen adventures

Well hello there friends! If you are in the vicinity, can I welcome you into my home through my french doors for a home-cooked meal? (I am lawfully allowed 5 guests per day now...*winks*)

My June kitchen adventures consisted of new-to-me recipes as well as constantly-improving family faves...because I love challenges (new recipes) but I'm sometimes lazy (go with a winning formula!). And when I say "constantly-improving", it means shortening the process. ...hehehe.

Now I have a family of picky eaters. My dad loves Asian food and complains when he gets stuff like pasta or pizza or pie which of course nephew #1 loves. My mum has the tastebuds of a catfish..."did you put cinnamon in this chocolate chip cookie?" and I'm like, "Just a tinge". Meanwhile, the sister cannot stand onions but she will eat them if they don't taste like onions..like in pasta sauce. She also does not want to eat carbs at dinner and cannot have a sandwich for lunch (because that's breakfast food). Hokkaido milk bread gets the thumbs up from dad and sister but it's too soft and moist for mum. Focaccia and Ciabatta are my sister's faves but they are too dry and chewy for the folks.

 Yep...meal prep for the Yam family is such a breeze. *LOL*

But there are definite winners with everyone too - like butter-basted ribeye steak, pan-fried chicken breasts, handmade noodle soup and Korean-style mixed rice bowls.

Playing along with More Than Words. I went with french doors with window panes. :)


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Heike`sAugenBlick said...

Oh hello what a beautiful way to showcase the favorite food of your family. This is trully gorgeous and it looks delicious!! The frech door is perfect for the photos you used on your project!! I love it !! Thank you so much for joining us at More than Words. Have a beautiful day. xoxo Heike

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

HA!!! The descriptions of their eating habits is HILARIOUS! I love it!!! This is FABULOUS!!!! I just literally used that background paper you have here recently on a page -- in fact, I think it is posting either this week or soon!! LOL!! And didn't I tell you my state was just idiots on the whole opening back up thing??!! .... yeahhhhhhhhh... they re-shut down movie theaters, bars and gyms again yesterday! When we opened back up, we had the highest number of new cases start up -- sad ....

Cindy deRosier said...

I love this layout! Everything looks delicious. I had to Google to learn more about the taste buds of a catfish - thank you for my official "learn something new every day" moment, LOL.

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Lizzyc said...

Oh you are a busy cook! fabulous layout!so many choices! at my place you can have two options- take it or leave it!

Linda Pekrul said...

I am awed at your culinary talents! What a clever interpretation of our June challenge at More Than Words! Thank you for joining us!!

Empire of the Cat said...

haha this is great, very creative. Thanks for joining us at More Than Words - Elle xx

Heather McMahon said...

Ohhh, you're making me hungry! I searched everywhere for the doors before the penny dropped that I was staring straight at them - lol! What a fab page! I love your style. Thanks for playing along with us at More Than Words this month :)

katrinpoemg said...

well done I love it thanks for joining with us

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