Someone had an ice-cream birthday cake...*winks*


Last month we celebrated my father's birthday with an ice-cream cake. Can you tell that he was pretty excited about eating the ice-cream cake? *winks*

But you know I've my folks "trained" for photo-taking before eating so......*LOL*

I had a lot of fun putting bits and pieces of patterned paper together on this layout. :)

The papers were assembled and glued down [so I don't change my mind and start fiddling]...then I added textural elements to soften hard edges and provide visual interest.

Playing along with Stuck?! Sketches.


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Another altered mooncake box...a tutorial


So the recent decluttering process unearthed a few more mooncake boxes for me to this one. :)

Here is the box before I threw black stuff on it...*LOL*

I started by adhering wrapping tissue to the whole box for base texture.

Next, I adhered chipboard on the cover, then covered the whole box with a coat of black gesso.

Then I went over the box with a silver glaze...a little shimmer and depth.

After that comes the super fun part - embellishing! I started by decorating the edges of the cover.

Then I went a little crazy with flowers, leaves and bling.

The paper flowers were white so I misted them to match the satin blooms.

It doesn't photograph every well because of the shimmery and glossy finish but it does look better than the original unaltered box, eh? *winks*


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The allure of chocolate chip cookies....*winks*


It's been a little more challenging to get decent photos of the nephews + niece of late. They are quick to block aunt paparazzi with their arm or hand. Or wax lyrical about their rights NOT to have their photos taken. *LOL*

Well, extreme times call for extreme measures right? So I pulled out my trump card- a box of chocolate chip cookies! If I get at least ONE nice photo, they get to eat the chocolate chip cookies. *winks*

It was still hard to get a decent shot because most of them were like these....

A super quick layout using fussy-cut bits from my scrap pile. :)

Playing along with Stuck?! Sketches.


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When I used a reference photo...*winks*


So I finally used a reference photo for drawing. Apparently drawing girls out of imagination just results in sad/pensive faces. Of course, the nephews were quick to point out that I wasn't very good at "copying" because I missed out on the strands of hair across her forehead and also clothes! *LOL*

I started with a lightly drawn graphite pencil sketch on hot pressed watercolour paper. I like using a mechanical pencil with HB lead so that I don't need a pencil sharpener. *ahem...lazy bones*

Then I went in with watercolours. 

And finished with coloured pencils for depth...[and to cover up mistakes] and a Posca paint marker for white highlights.


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Another mish mash card from my scrap pile...:)


Yes friends, the process of using up the paper scraps from my scrap pile has been an uphill and ongoing task....but I recently rediscovered my love for cardmaking so I'm "attacking" that scrap pile at greater velocity. I made 4 cards yesterday while watching a DVD movie! [Yay! Go me! *high fives all around*].

It's nice to build up a stash of spare projects to share again. :)

Anyway, here are the cute birds again! Apparently, I had a fussy-cutting phase because I found lots of fussy-cut elements in packed and organized bags in my stash. Probably done back when I had lots more patience! *LOL*

There you have it...another mish mash card from my scrap pile. 


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Super quick place card holders...


I recently "rediscovered" these large wood clothespins in my stash during a recent decluttering session and thought they would make lovely place card holders.

I got a sheet of neutral patterned paper from my scrap pile and picked out coordinating embellishments from my Maya Road stash. You won't believe how quick this project was...*winks*

So I decided to decorate a coordinating envelope. I have a few of these receipt envelopes from a French restaurant I frequent. 

There you have it, super quick place card holders...perfect for sweet notes for your loved ones. :)


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Beer can turned "mug" for paintbrushes...the challenges to complete this project


I really love the shape and sturdiness of this beer can and wanted to use it to create a "mug" of sorts for LESSology Challenge #60: Mug Shot. I will share with you my process...the good and the bad. *winks*

First of all, removing the top part of the can proved to be more challenging than I thought. The conventional can opener would not fit because of the depth. Fortunately, my mum likes to keep everything so I found a really old-school can opener. It worked but it left really sharp edges so I had to cover it up with air-dry clay.

Next, I wanted to wrap some chipboard around it for some cool texture and pattern. But because of the way the can was shaped, I had a hard time adhering the chipboard around the whole can. So I used some remnant lace fabric for the bottom half of the can.

The next challenge came in the form of creating a "handle" for my mug. Should I drill holes and attach a plastic tube or fashion one out of clay? So many seemingly feasible ideas...but oh so much work! Then of course, a quick rummage through my "save-it-for-a-rainy-day" box yielded an old leather shoe strap. I adhered it with silicone and held it down with tape for 24 hours.

After removing the tape, I took my Frankenstein mug outside for a fresh coat of metallic paint.

Of course, the spray painted "mug" looked very decent until I examined it in daylight. There were some visible glue marks in some areas, the clay was patchy and of course, I needed more practice with the silicone dispenser. *insert super sad music here*

At this point, I was tempted to throw in the towel and just call it a misadventure in arting. Then I looked up at my wall of mixed media canvases...and decided that I was just going to embellish my way out of this bad situation. *LOL*

I got out my hot glue gun and all my pretty embellishments and covered up the bits that were bugging me. After all, flowers and bling can hide everything right? *high fives all around*

Well, the end project turned out halfway decent and I actually like it. The "handle" is fully functional and not purely decorative. In fact, I plan to hang it from a hook on a wall [since I don't really have a lot of desk space].

What do you think?


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When I went "shopping" in my scrap pile...


So you know I've been trying to reorganize my scrap supplies...well, the process has been slow especially since I tend to get distracted,,, and go "shopping" in my scrap pile. *winks*

But these birds are soooooo cute. Would you not stop to make some cards with these cuties? *LOL*

I am happy that I mixed and matched quite a few pieces of patterned paper...

And I confess...I made 3 more cards with those cute birdies before I went back to my reorganization of scrap supplies. :)

Happy Monday friends! 


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