Current obsession: Sennelier Oil Pastels

My current obsession are these yummy Sennelier Oil Pastels. These small sticks of pure pigment and wax are super creamy and blendable. 


The story behind these oil pastel was that back in 1949, Parisian painter Henri Goetz approached Sennelier, a famous artist materials manufacturer, about creating a wax colour stick for his friend, Pablo Picasso. Picasso was interested in a medium that could used on a variety of surfaces without fading or cracking. The successful collaboration produced the Sennelier Oil Pastels.

I reach for these whenever I want to do a quick sketch in my art journal.

    I would love to collect all 120 colours in the Sennelier collection. I only have a measly 26 sticks. (#artsupplyjunkie)...*LOL*

    These eye sketches took like 10 minutes each. Seriously. Go get some. 


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    A day out with grandma....:)


    So last week I got to spend a day out with my grandma and parents. We had a quick lunch at the airport [I had to pass stuff to an aunt who was headed to Hong Kong...more on that in a later post]...and then it was shopping time. :)

    Now my grandma really loves shopping. Some years back, I brought her to South Korea and every day, she would ask the tour guide if there was shopping on that day's itinerary. When it was just sightseeing, she would be so disappointed. *LOL*

    Anyway, I noticed that my grandma was walking very slowly and her slippers weren't supporting her feet. She said it was because her knees were weak. I wanted her to be comfortable so we went shopping for a new pair of shoes. But the woman was fussy. It had to have adjustable straps in the front and be black. We tried on soooooooo many pairs of shoes! 

    But the pair we found was so comfortable that she wanted to wear them immediately. And guess what? She walked much faster in her new shoes...turns out that her footwear made it difficult for her to walk! *LOL*

    It was also lovely to see my dad holding his mum's hand...:)

    Playing along with Stuck?! Sketches


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    The decorated biscuit tin

    Decorated biscuit tin

    A couple of weeks ago, I did a batch spray-painting of found stuff (to minimize clean-up)...including this lovely Harrods biscuit tin. Which looked pretty good as is but how can I resist not "decorating" it, right? *winks*

    After a coat of gold spray paint, I covered it with remnant lace fabric...I love the gold bits peeking out through the lace. I added some washi tape along the edges which served as a great decorative border but really is to prevent the gold paint from chipping off with repeated openings of the lid of the box.

    I finished off my decorated biscuit tin with Maya Road embellishments. For now, it is storing all my diecuts...until it needs to be a gift box for somebody.:)


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    So I finally made some Christmas cards!

    So I finally made Christmas cards

    Oh yes...so I finally made some Christmas cards! [Yay! Go me! *high fives all around*] Now at least 2 people are getting handmade Christmas cards! :)

    It was one of those diecutting days - you know, the few times a year my Cuttlebug gets out of cold storage and has to work overtime for me. *winks* 

    I broke into my Lawn Fawn Perfectly Plaid Christmas pad...kept things simple and postal friendly. :)

    Hope you are having a great week...(I am still trying to recover from the Black Friday sale...I spent $$$ on skincare! Prevention is better than cure when it comes to wrinkles...*LOL*)


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    A pressie for my grandaunt! :)

    Mixed media canvas for my grandaunt

    So earlier this year, I discovered a "new" grandaunt (my maternal grandma's cousin) along with an auntie, uncles and more cousins! How our paths never crossed before this remains a mystery! *winks*

    She recently celebrated her 90th birthday [I will share the props I made for her birthday celebration in another post]....pictured with her is her daughter (my aunt) and her grand-daughter (my cousin). They are all wearing the traditional kebaya. Check out that elaborate floral embroidery!

    Since I wanted the focus to be on the photo, I keep the rest of the elements simple. Old lace fabric was adhered to the 6x8 canvas using matte medium, then covered with a layer of gesso. Next I lightly misted with gold mist for a subtle all over sheen. The photo was propped up with cardboard and "framed" with Maya Road flat-back pearls [my latest obsession, if you hadn't noticed already...*LOL*]. I found some 3D chipboard floral pieces in my stash so I created a floral cluster with paper leaves and flowers, bling, trinket pins and Golden gold mica flakes.

    Playing along with More Than Words. I used old lace fabric ("something old") and scrapbooked a photo from her 90th birthday (a special occasion).


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    9 Christmas project ideas

    Okay friends. I'm in full panic mode now. Other than the random Christmas tag I made a few weeks ago, I have done nothing for Christmas. Nothing. No cards, no gift bags, no decorated boxes. Which means people in my life will be getting New Year cards (if they are lucky) but my best bet would be Valentine's Day cards, I reckon. *LOL*

    But wait. I'm pretty great at making quick projects [modesty is obviously not this girl's strong suit *winks*] and I do have at least 2 weekends to really get my act together. So I dug through my archives to seek some inspiration for projects...here are 8 Christmas project ideas. 

    1. A Christmas wall hanging

    An easy project using a CD case, washi tape, some diecuts and decorations from the previous year's Christmas cake.

    A Christmas gift box
    2. A Christmas gift box

    This was super quick to put together. Glitter cardstock and embellishments from the previous year's Christmas cake.

    The five-minute Christmas card

    3. The five-minute Christmas card

    A little residue mist on a watercolour card base, some twine, Golden gold mica flakes and embellishment from an old Christmas card.

    My first Christmas wreath

    4. A Christmas wreath

    Nothing like adding cute embellishments to a wreath with a hot glue gun.

    Gift-wrapped boxes 
    5. Gift-wrapped boxes

    I kept to traditional Christmas colours and used the same gold painted chipboard to achieve cohesiveness among the trio of gift boxes....even though every one of them was filled with Toblerones....yum!

    Holiday gift set
    6. A holiday gift set

    Wow. I wonder who received this set from me...*winks*
    Repeated elements across the items keep them coordinated...give this to a special someone.:)

    Upcycled tin of Christmas cards
    7. Upcycled tin of Christmas cards

    Apparently, I was so ahead of the game in the past that I could actually give cards away...haha!
    Decorate an old tin box and fill it up with handmade Christmas cards and envelopes. 

    Upcycled Christmas tea tin

    8. Upcycled Christmas tea tin

    Decorate an old tea tin with Christmas embellishments and fill it up with yummy cookies!

    Decorated Christmas tree and canvas
    9. Decorated Christmas tree and canvas

    Not enough space to go all out in your Christmas decorations? How about a small decorated tree and canvas to add a festive cheer to a small nook? 

    There you have it. 9 Christmas project ideas that are totally doable before Christmas. :)


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    The overdone tea tin

    The overdone tea tin

    Yes, these days I seem to be overdoing it a lot on my projects. I blame it on the new hot glue gun. It heats up super quick and I don't have to eat a can of spinach [a la Popeye] before I can squeeze the trigger to dispense the glue. *LOL*

    Hence, this overdone tea tin. 

    After an uneven spray of gold paint, my tea tin needed a bit of a cover-up job so I decided to wrap it in peekaboo lace. Then of course, I had an overzealous application of glue which resulted in the gold paint peeling off [I write this calmly now but I was freaking out!] so I needed a bigger cover-up. 

    And you know how it went after that...the embellishments ganged up on me and beckoned me to use them. 

    "Use me, I'm pretty!" 
    "Hey, how about me? I'm good-looking too!"
    "I'm blingtastic...stick me on!"

     Who can say "no" to talking embellishments right?! *winks*

    It turned out quite pretty and overdone but I actually like it. :)

    P/s: Hope you have a great week ahead friends! I will play catch-up on your blogs this week.:)


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    Let's eat! :)

    Let's eat

    Every month, we get to eat at the club's cafe (to use up the issued dining voucher). 

    We all have our faves - mum would order the fried kway teow & dad would order the nasi goreng and a banana split [The photos were totally staged...mum even rearranged the food so that you can see the prawns on her dish...oh yes, my parents are cute! *LOL*]

    Still working through the scrap pile...managed to add a little washi tape, stickers and bling to the mix too. :)

    Can you see those gold splatters? Finetec pearl watercolors are so fine indeed! *winks*

    Playing along with Stuck?! Sketches.


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    Mixed media girls from my art journal

    Mixed media girl from my art journal1

    It's been a while since I last shared my mixed media girls from my art journal. As you can tell, I like to do my backgrounds first before drawing in my girls. 

    Here, the background was created with mists and a leaf stencil from The Crafter's Workshop. Her hair was painted with Liquitex transparent burnt umber ink and texturized with Prismacolor pencil. Her face was painted with Daler Rowney acrylic paints, Posca paint markers, Faber Castell gelatos and Rembrandt soft pastels.

    Mixed media girl from my art journal2

    On this girl, the background was created with The Crafter's Workshop stencils and mists (a mix of brands)...the gold splatters are Finetec pearl watercolors (current obsession). The girl was drawn with Rembrandt soft pastels and Faber Castell pastel pencils. The black spots on her face appeared when I sprayed my fixative...apparently that requires skill which I currently do not possess...*LOL*

    Happy week ahead friends! 


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    A shabby chic stationery caddy

    Stationery caddy

    Even though I love mixed media, some days all I need are a pair of scissors, pretty embellishments, packaging materials/containers and a hot glue gun. And I'll be pretty happy.:)

    I started with this packaging container for canned abalone. Which I covered with lace and pearls.

    And added some pretty embellishments. 

    Then I thought I should decorate more containers to put into my container....so I went with a jam jar.

    And then a chipped glass beaker from old French press....

    Then a decorative glass jar completed my shabby chic stationery caddy. I love how it turned out even though I would need 10x more containers to fit my collection...*LOL*


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