When the Gangster Gang directed the photo shoot...


The other day I decided to give the Gangster Gang (nephews + niece) creative freedom to direct the photo shoot with the hope of scoring some decent photos in the process. *winks*

Of course, I got photos like someone with a finger up their nostril and another "biting" someone's butt....*LOL*

You know, things that the kids thought was funny.*shakes head*

You can tell by the photos here that my plan backfired and I didn't get nice photos. :(

But I did have fun putting together this layout with new goodies from my bloggy pal Lizzy Hill (all those fabulous tropical diecuts). :)

Playing along with Stuck?! Sketches.


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A textured and layered tag


I love making textured and layered tags which are great for adorning a gift bag in lieu of a card. 

My tag base is always cardboard from packaging because it holds up better to my "abuse". :) 

I had a little "accident" and stained the patterned paper that I had adhered to my tag so I went in with a stencil and textured paste. Which I then decided to paint gold. And when that looked a little too gaudy, I went in to tone it down with some white gesso.

I distressed the edges of a smaller Prima tag to form the base of my focal point. Then I went in with some Maya Road embellishments. And finished my tag with gold glitter ribbon from packaging.

Hope you are having a great week friends! :)


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Old clock turned photo frame


I bought this vintage-inspired clock about 2 years ago. It was one of those battery suckers that never told time accurately and only looked pretty. So when it finally stopped working even though it had a fresh battery, I was kind of happy *insert evil background music*.... You know, because I get to alter it!

Of course, even in "death", the clock had to torment me a little more. It took a bit of time to actually dismantle it. *winks* This was from a few weeks ago....

This was from this past weekend...mid-way through the process when I was auditioning embellishments....yes, it was a tough audition, a lot of them didn't make the cut! *LOL*

Now,  I didn't start out thinking it would a photo frame but since I had multiples of a photo of my parents, I went for it.

Their heads form a heart. :)

White lace trim is just divine! Thanks Lizzy Hill! :)

It was a fairly easy albeit time-consuming project. But it turned out really pretty. What do you think?


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Photo booth props from found objects


So I found these fun photo booth props that I made for my grand-aunt's 90th birthday bash last November when I was sorting through my "save-it-for-a-rainy-day" stash the other day.

Now it was easy to just head to the store to buy ready-made props of course but I thought to myself, "Why buy when I can make them, right?" [Apparently I enjoy creating more work for myself...*winks*]. 

And then of course, I just had to challenge myself to use some found objects around the house. Er, you know to reduce the amount I was hoarding. ;)

I had spray-painted some plastic containers to be the "pots" for my giant flowers [They were the large plastic containers for protein powder that I nabbed from a body-building uncle.] So I decided the lids would be great for the "frame" of my photo booth props.

I also had these old paintbrushes that had lived past their usefulness which I thought would be perfect "sticks" for my props.

The challenge was of course to attach the two items together in an elegant way. Okay, just in a way that it would at least hold together for the duration of the party. *LOL*

So I pleated some scrap paper that was then glued to "hold" the paintbrush and then attached the whole thing to the plastic cover. A black Sharpie + white pen and some chipboard letters completed my photo booth props. [If you were wondering about the words I actually used...wonder no more, I just tried to form plausible words from my chipboard letter stash...haha]

Here you have my ever-sporting mum and sister, posing with my photo booth props, including the giant paper flowers. 

Hope you are having a great week so far!


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Black and white altered box


One of my goals this year is to finish up all of my half-done projects or just get rid of them. *dramatic music plays in the background* 

Don't get me wrong. I love to recycle and repurpose but when the stuff you save for a rainy day starts to overwhelm you, you've got to take drastic measures, right? *winks*

Here's the first of my half-done projects that I managed to save from the "jaws" of the recycle bin....a black and white mooncake box. I remember spending quite a bit of time covering up this red box in remnant lace before applying a layer of black gesso. And then chucking it to a corner where it stood unloved and almost forgotten for the last few months. *Bad me!*

I added a coat of silver glaze to really highlight the texture from the lace and was about to do my usual clustering of embellishments thing when I found this lovely lace from old lingerie in my stash. And of course, decided to go another direction.

I think it turned out pretty classy actually. Another box to add to my mum's collection of decorated boxes.  

P/s: I always thought that these boxes will eventually be mine again in a few decades but apparently, my mum has promised my niece that she will get them. *LOL*


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Sweet treat party


So my sister went on a skiing vacation in Canada back in December/January and came back with sweet treats for us.  

Here is the Gangster Gang (niece + nephews) posing with their maple syrup lollipops.  And why yes, it was totally staged. I made them take a video to thank aunt E. *winks*

And I got a few baking related pressies too! *big smile* Yeah, that is a really tiny whisk. *LOL*

I had fun rummaging through my paper scraps for this cutesy layout. It was a sweet treat indeed to find bits and pieces that somehow "work" together on a layout.

Playing along with My Creative Sketches.


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My attempt at a shaker card...


Shaker cards have always been challenging for me because I like my cards to be done fairly quickly. But for some reason, these pink sequins and jar were calling out to meet my attempt at a shaker card. *winks*

Well, a mini shaker jar on a card. [Yes, I was thinking that if it didn't work out, I could replace that element with something else.] 

I had to fiddle quite a bit with getting the sequins to sit properly in the jar but I think it turned out okay?? *LOL*


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A sad girl in watercolour...


Meet my sad girl in watercolour. At least this time, it was intentional. *winks*

Of late, my drawn/painted girls have started to look the same to me and I wanted to challenge myself to try something different.

And of course, try it in just one medium - watercolour.

Which was quite challenging for me since I always use one medium on top of another to cover up my mistakes. *LOL*

Still lots of room for improvement but at least she looks a little different from the other girls in my art journal. :) 

Happy week ahead friends! 


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Hello beautiful! :)


Hello beautiful friends! Have you missed me? Between travel and my second bout of cold (within a week of recovering from the first!), time has sort of whizzed by. Where did February go? *winks*

Anyway, here's a card I made for Maya Road for Creativation CHA 2017. 

Residual mists on watercolour paper, remnant lace, diecuts and pretty embellishments. :)


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