Summer fun outtakes


My fave photos to scrap are...the outtakes. Especially when the Gangster Gang [aka nephews + niece] is involved. It's hard for a kid to look really bad in a photo, eh? Now adults are a totally different story...*LOL*

There's always something far more interesting in the surroundings than the camera...*winks*

Lots of fun with the background - Ecolines [liquid watercolours], water and a straw.

Some paper scraps and buttons...

Playing along with Sketchabilities.


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A mixed media canvas with old computer parts...


So I was invited to be a guest designer over at this new Russian challenge site Evolution Scrap. I could create anything I want as long as it reflected my personal style....

Which is at this very moment, related to old computer parts because I just hit the goldmine of found stuff - my dad's "save-it-for-a-really day" computer stash! *High fives all around!*

Here's a look at the canvas with the "raw" parts glued down with gel medium...and some fiber paste applied with The Crafter's Workshop stencil.

After a layer of gesso, I went in with Izinks - pigment inks which play like watercolours but dry permanent like acrylics. Now, I must admit, at this point, I had no idea how the canvas would turn out.

So I "auditioned" some flowers on the canvas...then added more colours with Silks acrylic glaze to create the illusion of depth on the background.

Most mixed media artist tend to add the background colours to the embellishments to "blend" everything together.  I prefer to pull the colours of my blooms and other embellishments and extend them to the background for a cohesive look and letting the embellishments "pop".

I included a test-tube which I filled with pearls for a little dimensional interest. [Yes, the test-tube was in my "save-it-for-a-rainy-day" stash...*winks*].

P/s: Happy weekend friends! :)


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Wet and wild in the tub!


So now we are down to 3.  Yep. The tub can no longer fit 3 nephews + 1 niece.

Nephew #1 has been ousted because of space constraints! *LOL*

But these 3 still got pretty wet and wild in the tub! *winks*

Playing along with The Studio Challenges.


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My little helper...


My niece gets really excited when she gets to be my little helper...*winks*

I like to remove the packaging from my embellishments and put them in clear containers for easy viewing. My niece would happily help by separating them by colours and types...while telling me how pretty each embellishment is. :)

It's nice to have a little helper who appreciates my taste in embellishments...*LOL*

Playing along with Stuck?! Sketches.


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The document holder got a makeover..

The document holder got a makeover

Apparently, nothing is "safe" from me and my need to alter stuff....[sinister music plays in the background...]

The document holder BEFORE the makeover...

The latest "casualty" is my trusty document holder. It has of course seen better days. In its heyday, all its tabs were clearly marked and it was the storekeeper of many important documents. 

Some lace fabric, matte gel and scissors...

And a much prettier document holder! *winks*

P/s: Happy weekend friends! :)


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Trying my hand at a skinny card...


I haven't made a card in ages so I got to work last night on my first mixed media skinny card. Okay, I wanted to make a tag at first but added it to a kraft card base when it was done. *winks*

The cardboard was from packaging. I tore off portions of it to expose the corrugated portion..then a coat of gesso and play time with Liquitex white opaque flakes, The Crafter's Workshop stencil and Faber Castell gelatos. 

Playing along with The Mixed Media Card challenge.


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Mixed media on a mooncake box cover


So I've amassed quite a massive collection of mooncake boxes over the years. These are my fave boxes to alter because they are nice and sturdy. Like this one.

I love the copper finish of the exterior and the gold interior so I decided to just decorate the box cover. 

The textures here were created with wrapping tissue, resin sand medium, chipboard and mica flakes.

I really wanted to use the gorgeous trim sent to me by my bloggy pal Suman Pandit so I added the blue and teal colours.
Playing along with The Mirror Crack'd, a new mixed media challenge blog. :)


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My first love is altered art...


Even though I dabble in a variety of projects, my first love is altered art. There's something magical about taking an ordinary item and giving it a "makeover". Check out my cute little "scene" on a canvas! :)

Plain old wrapping tissue + light modeling paste + gold glaze = wallpaper.
Lightbulb casing + gesso + gold paint = vase
Toy + sponge + lace + gesso + paint = pouffe

Starbucks bottle cap + gesso + texture medium + paint  + patterned paper = frame for map paper 
Old mirror from travel kit + MT tape + lace + paint = framed mirror
Old jewellery + gold paint + vintage buttons + pearls = chandelier

This mixed media canvas was done for LESSology Challenge #40: Travelogue


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The last-minute mixed media canvas...

12x12 mixed media canvas

Text-message conversation with my mother two Fridays ago...

"Can you make an art piece for my colleague's house-warming lunch party on Sunday?"
"Huh? So last-minute? Dunno if I can finish in time. What size? Colour? Theme?"
"Just like the one you taught in class last week. I will get the photo for you."
"What? I don't repeat designs. And that took many many hours over a week...Oh well, I need a good quality photo."

Photo was finally emailed to me late Saturday afternoon....

Now, what do you do when you are crunched for time? You cheat, right? [I really mean, take a shortcut..really...*winks*]

So I distressed a 12x12 patterned paper and adhered to the base of a 12x12 canvas with matte gel. Then I painted the paper with a coat of clear gesso. Afterwhich, I lightened some areas of the paper with watered-down gesso.

After stamping [random text] the edges to add depth and map out my "visual triangle", I adhered mesh tape and applied Liquitex Sand Resin medium and Liquitex Blended Fibers mediums with The Crafter's Workshop stencils. When that dried, I added my first layer of colours with Faber Castell Gelatos.

You can see that the Liquitex Blended Fibers medium gives a very subtle texture [the random arcs] while the Liquitex Resin Sand medium [the area near the mesh tape] gives a more grainy texture. The glittered bits on the top right corner are mica flakes.

Then comes the fun and most time-consuming part...embellishing. I started embellishing this canvas on Saturday night...until I couldn't keep my eyes open [which was like 10pm...yeah, late nights are not my thing...*LOL*]...

Then I woke up at 5am to continue embellishing [okay, I woke up to watch South Park on cable...they show it at odd hours... *winks*]. And finally finished the canvas at 11.30am, took some photos and sent it off with my mother [okay, so I took time out to eat breakfast, worked out, did my laundry, vacuumed the floor before I completed the canvas...hey nothing like last-minute finishing touches, right? *LOL*].

There you have it....the story of my last-minute mixed media canvas. What do you think?

P/s: If you are interested in learning more about how I created depth and the textures on this mixed media canvas, please read this post on The Crafter's Workshop blog - How to create depth and textures.


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