Art supply shopping when you travel

I like to look for art supplies when I travel with the hope of finding products I can't get or is cost-prohibitive in my own country or is unique to the country I'm visiting. Here are some tips for art supply shopping when you travel.

1. Do your homework before you go.

Google art supply stores or ask friends who have been there/are living there. Last year, I asked about buying art supplies in Melbourne in a Facebook Art Group. A lovely lady Deb responded and even offered to drive me to the store [creative souls are the sweetest, eh?]. See photo for what I scored at this suburban art supply store.

This year, I met up with her again and we went to the city branch of an art store she works for and I got to enjoy a 40% staff discount even on items already on offer. :) Yep, my "modest" haul back in June.

Before I went to Japan, I also consulted my Facebook Art Group for a list of stores to visit. A lot of them suggested Daiso for water brushes and made in Japan brush pens. I was also told about Sekaido - a huge art supply store in Shinjuku with 6 floors of pure heaven! With a 20% discount and 7% rebate, I spent 3 hours here and $$$. *winks* I didn't buy much from Japan right? *LOL*

2. Check out the local bookstores and stationery shops.

Not every country you visit will have a dedicated art supply store, especially in the city center where rents are high. But bookstores usually have a stationery section where they might stock cool stuff. Like these Kuretake markers were spotted in National Bookstore in Manila, Philippines. I scored some acrylic markers at another bookstore called Fully Booked in Manila too.

3. Keep an open mind when shopping at the mall.

Sometimes you can find interesting things like vintage-inspired paraphernalia. Pictured is a store called Lovely Lace in Malaysia where I have scored some pretty flowers and lace pieces.

If a store front captures your attention, walk in to check it out. I'm glad I found this sewing store in Manila - they stock French lace and ribbon blooms! :)

There you have it, my tips for art supply shopping when you travel. What about you? Do you shop for art supplies when you travel?


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Reusing Cards & Quilling said...

Ha ha..Though I enjoy reading your post and tips, I hardly travel or shop for supplies except for cardstock(that too online) !! I always wondered how you know if a craft item is at discount as I barely know the prices,but I get it now..using Social media clever way !

~amy~ said...

Love seeing your crafty fun!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

How awesome!!!!!!!!!! I don't look for art supplies ... but I am on the constant look out for things I can alter when I travel! LOL!!!!

Sharada dilip acharya said...

wow! This is interesting and totally agree with looking up for stores well in advance before travel ! My biggest craft shopping haul was in Singapore and till date the best :) currently exploring Birmingham uk and will surely use your tips for craft shopping !

Lisa said...

Fabulous post!! You have some awesome travel supplies!! I pretty much shop for crafty items no matter where I am ;) Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

Cindy deRosier said...

I don't buy art supplies when I travel, but I think that's more a reflection of where I have gone on vacation. If/when I ever travel to Asia, I imagine I'll buy a lot of art supplies because they will be different than what I can get at home.

Audrey Pettit said...

Great tips! Love the idea of shopping for supplies when you're in new spots. Great way o get exposed to new products and pick up trip souvenirs at the same time!

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