Guess who has been attending baking class?


Guess who has been attending baking class? *winks*

Yep...that would be Mummy Yam. :)

Check out the roses on those cupcakes!

She's just taking these classes to pass time....She will not make these at home. Same as my sister, who has attended a ton of cooking classes but never cooks at home. *LOL*

Meanwhile, the one who cooks at home (aka me) has never attended a single cooking/baking class. Hahahaha!

Happy weekend friends!


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Cindy deRosier said...

Gotta figure out a way for their classes to require homework so you get some time off from cooking!

Lizzyc said...

Oh what!! To cook such amazing cakes and not re=create them at home...?? Thats not right!!!

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