Throwback Wednesday - what I ate in Hanoi


Hello friends! Just found these food photos from 2 Wednesdays ago when I was in Hanoi. So many of my old fave haunts have closed permanently since my last trip back in 2019. 

So it was time to find new eating places. Tried this Vietnamese fusion place called Runam for lunch where I could sample local faves with a twist.

Like this Vietnamese egg coffee with pandan flavour.

And Vietnamese udon in thick crab soup with soft-shell crab and mushrooms. If you have ever tried Vietnamese pho, you would know that the Vietnamese make amazing broth. This was really good.

Of course the gal had to order dessert....coconut ice-cream and jackfruit, gooseberry jam and dried coconut. Very interesting textures in a not-too-sweet dessert. :)

What interesting foods have you tried lately?


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Cindy deRosier said...

I can't think of anything interesting that I've tried in the last few weeks. It's getting harder and harder to find new-to-me stuff around here, but we'll be traveling again soon.

Lizzyc said...

That does look interesting!! I have not eaten anything out of the ordinary lately... pretty boring hey!!!!

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