The one about steak day


It was my sister's birthday and she brought the folks out for lunch to celebrate. So it was just nephew #1 and me. Well, you know how I love to spoil "my" kid.

We had a steak day! I also tried out a recipe for baked potatoes (crispy skin and fluffy insides) which I served with butter and melted cheese. And lots of veggies (gotta have a well-balanced meal).

Of course, I got the obligatory kid smiling at the camera photo too. :)

The kid was very happy with his steak and mine (he ate 1/3 of it...). Yep, teenage boys are expensive to raise because they eat so much. (Later that night, we had roast chicken, a cheese plate and a birthday cake to celebrate my sister's prizes for guessing who ate the most...*LOL*),

Happy Thursday friends! :)


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Cindy deRosier said...

Yum! Steak for lunch - your sister missed out by leaving! It looks amazing.

Lynn said...

Your nephew is a lucky boy to have an aunt who can COOK!

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