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I really wanted to do a reflections post on 2021 because it was a really challenging year for me on all fronts. But I didn't know how to share my personal journey without sounding like a total baby. Because there was lots of crying and feeling sorry for myself involved. *sombre music plays in the background*

I decided that I could just "throw" them all in my art I scribbled my 2021's life lessons on my art journal pages, then went crazy with mixed media madness as a reflection of my chaotic year.

The many layers of paint, ink, oil soluble/water soluble crayons, stencilling and doodling reflect the multiple challenges I had to face. Added responsibilities at home because of my mum's health issues. Having very little me time. Being a "parent" to the teenage nephew who is experiencing the usual teenage angst. Being stuck at home nearly every single day because of COVID restrictions. Having to prepare and cook lunch and dinner (almost) every single day. 

The bright and vibrant colours on the page reflect the happy bits that shone through despite the difficulties.  Like better organization of my time and taking ONE day off a week when my kitchen is closed for the day.  Or switching up my exercise routine to keep it fun. Like having a morning routine of watercolour practice or journaling. Or just getting my makeup done even though I'm just going to be at home (when you look good, you feel good). ;)

On hindsight, 2021 was a great year for me. It was challenging no doubt. But it forced me to be stronger in both mind and spirit. I no longer get stressed up over cooking meals. Or get upset when I get complaints about the way I hang the laundry/clean the kitchen/organize the pantry etc. With the exception of that "time of the month" when I might cry a lot because of hormonal fluctuations (hey, I'm only human..*LOL*), I am pretty chill these days. 

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Cindy deRosier said...

This artwork speaks to me. I love the direction you took to represent a challenging year that still had some bright spots. I hope 2022 treats you kindly.

Sharon Fritchman said...

Hi Yvonne! I LOVE your page. It's absolutely beautiful in the way it tells about your challenging year through your art. To me, this is what art journaling is all about. And thanks so much for joining us at More Than Words, too!

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Cheers, Yvonne.

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