Tips on paper bag decorating (Part 1)



I love decorating paper bags. The possibilities are endless. You can make it really clean and simple, or really elaborate and dramatic. Here are some tips to help you with your paper bag decorating. :)

1. Use sturdy paper bags with lots of "white" space.

Choose paper bags that have minimal brand/printing on them so that you have less "cove-up" to do. 

2. Switch out the bag handles for texture and interest.

Paper bags usually come with matching handles. You can coordinate your bag handles to contrast with your design for added texture and visual interest. 

3. Consider eliminating the bag handles completely.

You could have a decorated paper bag with no handles at all as part of the design.


4. Try a matching box and paper bag set.

You could create a coordinating box and paper set by repeating similar elements on both items. 


5. Make it bright and cheery.

The paper bag is the first thing the recipient sees. Why not try a fun and cutesy theme to put on a smile on the recipient's face? 

There you have it. Part 1 of my tips on paper bag decorating.  :)

Do you like to decorate paper bags?


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Lizzyc said...

I have decorated bogs a few bags before but a long time ago.. all of these look good!!

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