Soul Mates

Do you believe in soul mates?

I do. There are some people that I naturally gravitate to. I may not even have anything in common with them. It just feels nice and comfortable to be in their company. My paternal grandfather made me feel that way. When he was alive, I would visit him weekly. We would chat about the most trivial of things like the weather or what we had for lunch. Yet, there was this warm comfortable feeling that can't be described in words. When he passed on, it was like a piece of me just died along with him.

Then there have been people I have met just once and there is this intense chemistry. Our chi just agrees with each other's. I've always believe that attraction is instant and I always trust my instincts. Some of my closest friendships have been based on this. These may not be friends I meet frequently but when we do meet, it's like we've never been apart, we just pick off from where we left off.

I believe that we can have many soul mates in life. And we must be open to that possibility.

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Whitesnake said...

This is another post I absolutely loved.......

Tumblewords: said...

Lovely thoughts -

JP/deb said...

I totally agree! Soul mate - those we connect to at a deep, spiritual and instinctive level - indeed.


gautami tripathy said...

So true..

stuck in time

Lion-ess said...

lovely... Very good to read another point of view on soul mates.

Dee Martin said...

Wonderful when we meet someone and those connections just happen!

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