Do good guys finish last?

The other day, my 80 year old grandma said something that I found absurd. At least initially. She said that there is no need to be overly nice because good people don't always triumph in life. Her observation stems from watching drama serials on television where the "good" guys "die off" in the early episodes while the "bad" guy remains "smug and arrogant" till the very last episode. Sometimes, the "bad" guy gets punished, at other times, the ending is open-ended. I told her that it only happens in "reel" life. But it really got me thinking - do good guys really finish last?

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A Girl Named Me said...

Nah...good guys always finishing last would be absurd!


Paul said...

Hi, I'll let you know as soon as I become a good guy. Have a good week.

if said...

it depends on the "kind" of end they have...a philosophical matter for a non proved reality

JP/deb said...

Good and Not-so-good guys are probably fairly tied for finishing last ... it depends on whether or not the "good" guys really are good or just thinking they are good, when in fact they are really weak and ineffectual.

Just sayin'.


gautami tripathy said...

For sometime now, I have started thinking on that line too. Good guys/girls finish last..

filigreed walls

Dee Martin said...

I think that line may have been created by a bad guy :) Lots to think about though!

floreta said...

this has me thinking life imitates tv!

Jack Webb said...

Good Huys don't finish last; they just last longer at least that what my Granny used to say.

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