The scent of a woman

The scent of a woman. In a gloriously designed bottle.

I love this uplifting scent from Moschino. I feel empowered when I wear this scent. I don't wear it everyday (because I have way too many bottles of perfume) but I wear it every time I feel like I need a lift. This is my go-to scent. What's yours?

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Ivon said...

Interesting bottle you have their, and a great RT photo. My scent is garlic. My wife hates the smell, and it drives her crazy. I love the taste of garlic and put up with the after affects.

floreta said...

i like dolly girl by anna sui and japanese cherry blossoms from bath and body works.. i think perfume bottles are always so interesting! nice picture.

Felisol said...

A beautiful designer bottle.
I have never tried it on.
I have become old and conservative.
I use Elisabeth Arden 5th Avenue for everyday, and Chanel #5 for dressing up occasions.
In the garden I wear none. Too many bees around!
Cool Ruby Tuesday solution.
From Felisol

Jama said...

It's a very unique bottle!

Karen ~Georgia Angel said...

Very unusual bottle shape. Great photo.

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