When I started gardening a few years ago, I didn't plant any flowering plants, just some leafy ones. I love flowers but didn't like how they bloomed for such a short while, then withered and died ugly. It reflected my life too. I was contented but uninspired. Then I got a flowering plant and I got a taste of how fulfilling it was to tend to a flowering plant and watch it bloom. When the flowers withered and all that was left were the leaves, I continued to nurture the plant with the hope that it would bloom again. In the process, I have killed many plants by overdoing everything...too much water, too much sunlight, too much fertilizer. I learned to let go a little but still held on to the belief that they would bloom. Eventually they did, over and over again, providing many repeated moments of self fulfillment. :) Happiness is like a blooming flower. You must believe that you deserve it. And you must work hard for it. You won't always enjoy it but it's worth the effort. Now I go around planting flowering seeds. Are you doing the same?

Inspired by Inch by Inch Art.
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DescribeHappy said...

"Happiness is like a blooming flower. You must believe that you deserve it. And you must work hard for it."

Great artwork! This part of your post really rang true with me and I think it could even be applied to relationships and other things! Very thoughtful!

lissa said...

great collage and a wonderful message to live by

62 Cards - Sammye Jo said...

Love the message here! Thank you for your kind words on my LO for SIC. We all have our story! Blessings- Sammye Jo

Rowe said...

I love the redness of these flowers. My daughter has just started 'flying' like a butterfly, and mummy must join in too, so this is very appealing for me. Have you heard the saying, stick a geranium in your hat and be happy. Flowers always give me little moments of joy.

Paris said...

I LOVE what you created. "Believe" and the flower blooms...along with a butterfly and its wings stretched wide open...blossoming into something pretty.

Thank you for participating again. =)

~amy~ said...

fabulous card...can't go wrong with a butterfly and cosmo cricket!

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