The story about the food I made the day before my trip


So it's always extremely hectic the few days before I travel. I have to bake/prep food so that the Yams "don't starve" the few days I'm away. My mum will say that she will try to cook a few meals so that the family doesn't have to eat the highly-processed takeout food. The last trip I made, she managed to cook ONCE. This time round, they only ate takeout food. *LOL*

The few days prior to my trip I already made a custard tart and blondies. Here was what I made the day before my trip...

1.  Chicken veggie galette for nephew #1's breakfast (exam week). The galette was cut into single portions on baking liners and stored in the fridge. All the kid needed to do was take out a portion and plop it into the airfryer for 5 minutes and he gets a hot breakfast.

2. I also baked 2 loaves of bread for the rest of the Yams to eat with spreads of their choices. For breakfast. But I did make sure there was about 40 eggs in the fridge so that nobody was "starving". *winks*

3. And homemade pasta sauce because the tomatoes were not going to make it till the day I returned home. *hahaha*. 

Did I mention that my Monday flight was at 3.30pm? Yep. I even cooked lunch for them before heading for the airport. It was their only non-takeout meal for the week. *dramatic music plays in the background*

This layout came together fairly quickly. The fussy-cut florals were previously cut from a Takashimaya paper bag. I just matted the photos with scrap bits, added stickers, washi tape and fussy-cut bits and finished with some chipboard bits and a ribbon tab for texture.

Happy weekend friends!:)


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Lizzyc said...

You are amazing to do all that!

Cindy deRosier said...

I hope it's a labor of love and not a chore.

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