A page from my travel sketchbook


Well, this gal has finally gotten on a plane again *high fives all around*. Here is a page from my travel sketchbook. I did the first eye in pencil because I didn't want to take out my box of coloured pencils on the plane. Then I remembered how bad my graphite sketches were and did the second eye in coloured pencils. Way better right? *LOL* Definitely need to work on my graphite drawings though. :)


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Cindy deRosier said...

Congrats on getting to travel again! Eager to hear where you are going. (Or, where you've been, since I'm commenting a couple of days late.) Your eyes are stunning. I'm super impressed that you can do this with the confined space and movement of an airplane.

Lizzyc said...

happy flying!!! humm I do like the color eye better... but great job on both of them!

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