The start of another eye drawing sketchbook


Well, it has only been about 6 weeks since I finished my last sketchbook of eye drawings. But I really miss  my eye drawings and decided to start sketchbook #3 of eye drawings! Here are the first 3 eye drawings! :)

My goal is to do a daily 30 minute eye sketch plus a 15 minute abstract watercolour florals (and sharing them on social media as part of accountability). I may "cheat" and do some extras on weekends in case some days get extra busy or if I need to travel.

I want to use my art time to chillax (hence a familiar subject matter of the eye) and be sufficiently challenged (watercolour florals). I will add some birds and portraits as extras just to add some variety to my creative repertoire if time permits.:)

Happy weekend friends!


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Lizzyc said...

I think you do eyes so well.. and yes art is all about the relax aspect too!

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Cheers, Yvonne.

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