10 ways to journal on your layout.

I think that journaling is one of the most important aspects of scrapbooking. Even when the perfect photo seems to tell the entire story, somehow, the addition of words makes it even better.
I am not the sort to plan my pages...just like to go with the flow and see where my creativity takes me. This does pose problems for journaling...especially when I get overzealous with embellishing and *gasp* leave no space for journaling! Here are 10 ways to journal on your layout.

1. Handwrite on the background of your photo.

This is my fave way to journal. And works very well on distracting backgrounds that you are too lazy to edit before you print out your photos. When the background is dark, I use a white pen and vice versa.

2. Use a journal tag.

A coordinated journal tag blends in with the overall design and is an unobtrusive way to add your journaling. [Actually the journaling tag was added to hide a boo boo on the photo *LOL*]

Sean and Sophie
S and his little sister layout.

3. Write on your photo mat.

The texture paste on the background meant an uneven surface for writing so I created larger photo mats which I could journal on.

4. Utilize the space along the perimeter.

I love to journal along the perimeter because it usually blends in with the overall design of the page. Just pick a colour that already appears on your layout.

Whatzup layout.

5. Print the journaling on the photo.

This one's a total time saver. :)

Grandpa's birthday cake
Grandpa's birthday cake layout.

6. Keep the journaling close to the title of the page.

Because it's a pretty busy layout and I wanted to journal directly on the patterned paper, I kept it in close proximity to the title of the page for a cohesive look.

7. Use journaling strips.

The upside to this method is that you can "test" how it looks before fully committing it to the page.

Everybody loves leftovers
Everybody loves leftovers.

8. Blend it in with your embellishments.

I wanted the photo and the titlework to be the focal point of this piece so I blended my journaling with my embellishment cluster....[can you spot it?]

Hooray for goodie bags
Hooray for goodie bags layout.

9. Create a journal mat that blends in with the design of the page.

Here I was working a grid format so I just created a journal mat that blended in with the overall design of the page.

Fresh clean day
Fresh clean day layout.

10. Print journaling on transparency.

This allows you to seamlessly incorporate the journaling as part of your design. [Actually I don't own a light blue journaling pen ...*LOL*]

There you have it. 10 ways to journal on your layout. Which is your fave way to journal? 

P/s: Not big on journaling? Check out 4 sneaky ways to tell your story without actually journaling.


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Laurel said...

You are amazing! Look at all of these amazing layouts!

Evelin said...

Great tips! I did one that I wrote along the patterned paper too... but that's cos I kinda scrapped till I was not sure where to write... LOL

Annette Allen said...

Girl you are amazing with all these fabulous are the layout queen... said...

Lots of great ways to journal here. I don't use any one particular style of journaling. Such fab examples too!! ~ Blessings, Tracey

dstandard said...

OMG these are all awesome! Each unique and special to itself!

paperpapier said...

tx for sharing journalling tips..awesome.
Which pen did you use for writing on photo (I assumed the photo is of glossy type)?
Like the printing on transparency idea but must it be laser printer or can it be inkjet for archival safe purpose?
Tx, Heaney

Lynnda said...

All those layouts are simply stunning!!! Gorgeous colors there!!!...And for this moment...I love to print my journaling in strip.. cut and stick them on my LO... thanks for sharing your tips as always... hugs..xoxo

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

You ROCK the journaling!!!! I loveeeeeeeee these!!!!

Miae said...

It's so good to see groupings of your pages together! They all look so vibrant, fun and different! I struggle with where to put journaling too so this post was perfect for me! Some ways I like to journal are with strips or on the background, as part of the design.

Unknown said...

And hereby I declare you the queen of scrapbooking and journalling.What an amazing collection of layouts and thanks for the tips

Hussena said...

These are some of your Amazing Lo !! love the way you incorporate Journaling in each of them...Thanks for the tip...i know if i ever make a LO i will definitely be going through your blogs for tips and techniques!!your idea's are so this!!

Poornima said...

Thanks yyam for visiting my blog n for your sweet comments..your scrapbooking skills are superb and just amazing..every page that u make has a WOW factor..this post is quiet informative..i was really confused in adding journals when i made my first mini..your post will really help me in my next album..thanks for sharing !!

Dora said...

I have a lot of journaling on my pages more than just a few line, i use normal paper and make a paperrole of it, ink the outside or stamp it with music signs or an old writing:)

Jessi Fogan said...

So many fabulous ideas - I love it when you combine tips together, it makes it so easy for us :)

~amy~ said...

They all look fabulous...I especially love the you run it through an ink jet printer?

Audrey Pettit said...

What a great post! Always love all your tips, and how fab to see so many of your awesome pages all in one post!

TesaB said...

Yay! Awesome pages and such a super duper great post!!!!

Colleen Dietrich said...

You're a great blogger, Yvonne. YOu really know how to draw an audience in, almost like reading a magazine article. Well done on this journaling subject!

Angi Barrs said...

Fabulous tips. I really do need to journal more on my pages.

Lisa's Creative Niche said...

these are great! i cant wait to try journaling on my photos! thanks!

Unknown said...

So many wonderful pages.. And so many great idea. Thanks for the great tips..


Cindy deRosier said...

This is AWESOME! I almost always plan a designated journaling block, but these tips are great! Love it!!

Debbie said...

Always enjoy coming by to see what you have for us! Wonderful journaling ideas! Love that first layout!!!

Tone-Lill said...

Thanks for your wonderful ideas about journaling. I always struggle where to fit in mine, so your 10 ways how to do it has been an inspirational tutorial, thanks :)

Alice said...

love it when you do tip posts like this. i learn so much every time! thanks so much for sharing, Yvonne! you are amazing! back when i scrapbooked, i think i like strip journaling the best. i just type them out, cut and paste! =)

sandi said...

All of these are simply amazing! Love the colors you use and the way your lo's always look soooooooooooo fun!

Naddy said...

great tips yvonne... tq for sharing!

Ella Swan said...

Great examples! I love to journal too!! Lately I've been going for ribbon-cut journaling strips kinda fanned out :)

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