Happy 2 C U

Happy 2 C U

I love these two dogs (from Basic Grey)...they remind me of my two Shitzus at home...always happy to see me..:) Especially in the mornings...they follow me around like my very own entourage...because I'm the only one who takes them out for a walk...:) They are my darling boys...besides the nephews of course...:) Happy 2 C U is my take on this week's sketch at Card Patterns. The felt was actually mounted on an old CD (to make it easier for me to cut the circular shape), some handstitching and butterflies...the dogs were given a little glitter glass treatment (Stickles in Rock Candy)..

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laterg8r said...

that is the cutest card :D

you should totally do a page about your dogs and call it "Entourage" LOL :D

Sparkle said...

This is so cute! I love the doggies too!

Maggi said...

I'm with Carrie, Entourage page! lol

Love this card, too cute!

teacher jessy said...

Love ur cute card with the 2 dogs on it :)

Papertrails by a paper lover said...

you can never go wrong with doggie cards! :-) They are sweet! I like your abbreviated "C and U" !

Jolanda said...

Those doggies... they're so cute.
I like that felt/CD-tip. It might come in handy.

Enjoy your day.


Spardha said...

u show me the degree of cuteness in ur layouts!.. luv the peirced holes for the butterflies and how the light shines thru them! :D

Dora said...

This is so very sweet, those dogs are the cutest!And the colors are wonderful, a great card to start my day!

adrienia said...

Cute Dogs :) nice work

Magia da Inês said...

Olá, amiga!
Voltei... saudades!
Que belo trabalho... tudo aqui continua lindo e criativo... parabéns!...
Boa semana!
Itabira - Brasil

Jessica said...

love those cute! love all the different colors on this card!

Laurel said...

Oh how adorable! Love the dogs!

Jeanet said...

Hee... I didn't know you had two doggies..we have a shitzu too ;)
A girl ;)
LOving this card ,the doggies and the colors!You are rocking the cards!Have a wonderful day!

MirjamC said...

what a cute doggie card and what a good idea of the old cd!!! love the pink felt

Cindy Lee said... adorable!!! It reminds of my dog, Ares.

~amy~ said...

Oh so cute Yvonne!!!

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