Keeping meals simple


These days I'm all about keeping meals simple to minimise time spent in the kitchen doing prep work, the actual cooking and cleanup.

Since I'm in it for the long haul, I want to make it easier on myself so that I don't suffer from burnout.

The upside of spending the last 2 years trying out recipes is that I actually have developed some competencies in food prep and now rely more on my taste buds than actual step-by-step recipes. Right now I'm down to 45 minutes if I do 2 dishes and 60 minutes if I do 3 dishes (served with steamed white rice) with cleaning up done in between so that lunch service is about 90 minutes total.

And I have all my trusty friends to help out too - regular oven, steam oven, rice cooker and air-fryer.:)

This was the other day's lunch - air-fryer fish fillet and stir-fried mixed veggies.

What about you? How long do you spend on a home-cooked meal?


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Cindy deRosier said...

That's a tough question to answer, as it varies so much. And my meal prep time isn't always continuous. Often, I'm paying bills while something is in the oven, or doing a lesson Duolingo while waiting for water to boil, etc.

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Cheers, Yvonne.

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