10 ways to "frame" photos on your projects

As memory-keepers, we scrapbook to preserve little snippets of life past. And photos are integral to jogging our memories of those fleeting precious moments. Here are some fun ways to highlight the photos on your projects.

Ever notice how everything just looks better in a frame? When something is framed, the borders around the object help guide the eye to see what's within that frame. It's a great way to highlight the parts of a photo you want to bring into focus.


2. Double frame them.

If one frame isn't enough, try a double frame for a deeper impact! 

My dark side on canvas

3. Put them in "frames on a wall".

This is a fun way to create a "scene" with your photos.

Will I ever get a nice photo?

4. Frame the faces within a photo to create your titlework.

This is a great technique for showcasing the facial expressions of individuals in the photo and a fun way to create your titlework.

Celebrating July's mahjong marvels

5. Vary the size of your frames to create visual interest.

You can play with the size of your frames to highlight different aspects of your photos for visual interest and aid in your story-telling.

For the love of pizza

6.  Mat them.

Add a punch of colour with your photo mat to make your photos pop.

It was a tiara-wearing kind of day

7. Double-mat them.

Double-matting creates more depth and visually "pushes" your photo out towards the viewer. This is a useful technique to employ if you have a busy background.

Spending a day with my mum

8. Create a thin border with a white pen.

The eye is instantly drawn to white so using a white pen to create a border around your photos is a fabulous way to draw the viewers in.

Guess who got to ride the scooter?

9. Write your journaling around them.

This is a fun way to "frame" your photos and get the viewer to read your journaling!

When art imitates life

10. Make them look like polaroids.

Insta-fun way to "frame" your photos. :)

There you have it. 10 ways to "frame" photos on your projects. Which is your fave way to "frame" photos on your projects?


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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

LOVING these ideas!!!!!!!!!!

Sharon Fritchman said...

These are wonderful and creative ideas for framing photos! I love your pages, too!❤️

Lisa said...

Each one is fabulous!! I love how you've added the frames on all of them!! Inspirational, as always, my friend!! Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

Lynn said...

Ooooh, thanks! I got some great ideas from this blog post. I like the double framing technique. Your family always looks like they're having fun!

Audrey Pettit said...

Awesome tips, Yvonne! Always love your creative ideas!

Shelly said...

Your layouts are always amazing!! And these ideas are awesome! :)

Cindy deRosier said...

I love these round-up posts of yours. It's so fun to see how you use a design element in so many different ways.

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