Why mixed media = many art supplies ...*winks*

As an aficionado of mixed media, I am always on the lookout for new art supplies to make my projects more interesting. And help me save time.

Each type of art supply has its own unique properties.

Here are the art supplies I used for my art journal page.

I used the tube paints to paint my girl's face with a brush and my fingers for the background work. The paint markers made it easier to draw in the details on the girl's face. It saves time because no cleanup required and the thin acrylic paints dry very quickly.I used an Inktense pencil for the shadows. It is ink in pencil form that "intensifies" when you add water. I love how just one pencil can create so much depth in a drawing.

Now you know why mixed media = many art supplies....*winks*


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SD pooja said...

Wow..She is Awesome and so is the bg !

Dr Sonia S V said...

So many art supplies Yvonne...and such a beauty
Dr Sonia

Dr Sonia S V said...

So many art supplies Yvonne...and such a beauty
Dr Sonia

Audrey Pettit said...

I just LOVE your art pages, Yvonne! Your girls are so amazing! The detail and shadowing and depth to her face is phenomenal. I think I could stare at her eyes all day. And love the gorgeous background, too. The dots around her are so cool!

Suman Pandit said...

I love the highlights on her face,lips and eyes ;the eyes especially are so mesmerizing !!

Shelly said...

WOW! This is AMAZING!! Love it!

Cindy deRosier said...

Beautiful! Time to do a self-portrait. :D

Lizzy Hill said...

She's amazing....loving her bg as well....yeah, don't have to justify your MM supply buying to ME!!!!! LOL.....& yes, I have replaced an addiction or compulsion or obsession....but only for the month;)!!

Lisa's Creative Niche said...

she is absolutely gorgeous! I love her eyes and the depth you created! I wish I could draw like you, just beautiful!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

*sigh* i wish I did have the time/money/means to come visit Bri while he is gone ... would give me a good reason to swing over to Singapore and visit my fave artist so I could learn a thing or two! *wink* :) I loveeeeee this! LOVING how you did the collar!!!!!!!!!!

Annette Allen said...

WOW WEE this is outstanding.. you have got it girl.. love this

Lynn said...

It's amazing to see your work evolving. I love the detail you've put onto the face. I am mesmerized by her eyes. You have certainly used each art medium to your advantage to create a piece of great beauty.

lavina agarwal said...

She is gorgeous! Love the intense look.

Lisa said...

Oh wow, this is stunning!! She's gorgeous!! The background is amazing!! The lace collar is a perfect touch!! Beautiful!! Have a great day :)

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