9 ways to scrap travel photos

Travel/vacation photos are a challenge to scrap because one tends to take a gazillion  photos. And you really want to document everything, right?

Hold your horses. Not everything needs to be documented.
When you stick to the photos that tell a story, there are way fewer photos to scrap. Really.

I'll let you cheat off my travel stories from a 2013 trip to Taiwan...*winks*

The story about the red bean cake
1. Scrap about the highlights of a particular day.

The whole point about travel is to enjoy the experience, not tediously documenting every single waking moment in another country/city. Have I missed capturing certain moments on camera because I was busy enjoying myself in THAT particular moment? Yep.

By the sea
2. Consider documenting the activities in one day.

Let's face it. Not every family vacation day is going to be exciting. Some are chillax days like this one where the highlight of my day was meeting the cute doggy [who reminded me of my doggies in doggy heaven].

The one about the cabbage and pork place
3. Go with a funny title.

Sometimes you remember a place because of some inside joke between you and your travel companions. My sister and I visited the Palace Museum in Taipei to see the two famous exhibits - a piece of jade shaped like a piece of cabbage and a piece of rock shaped like a piece of fatty pork. Photo-taking wasn't allowed in the museum so I scrapped photos we took outside the museum.

We like to play pretend
4. Scrap the funny moments.

Well, you know my family is always up for some fun. *winks* We have very few photos where everyone is posed nicely and smiling at the camera. But I LOVE to flip through my scrapbooks and laughing all over again. Afterall, scrapbooks are to document how you've lived right? 

I've been checking you out
5. Scrap the food.

This one actually features the funny story about the search for a birthday cake. 

Looks can be deceiving

6. Scrap the process of eating the food.

Okay, so this whole family vacation actually features eating. If you've ever visited Taiwan, you will know what I mean - the street food is cheap and yummy!

The squid squad
7. Scrap pics of individuals eating the food.

The pictures tell the whole story. These photos still crack me up! :)

We love our cultured milk drink
8. Scrap the stuff you drank.

We were terribly excited when we spotted the family-sized probiotic drink at a supermarket because we only get the small ones in Singapore. And of course, my sister's expression while holding the bottle is priceless! *lol*

The NT$19 store
9. Scrap what about a fun shopping trip.

One of the most enjoyable parts of travelling is of course, bringing a piece [or more] of the place back home with know...through stuff..*winks* But sometimes, it's the things that we didn't buy that leave the most lasting impression.

There you have it. 9 ways to scrap travel photos. Hope you will tackle that ginormous pile of travel photos you have. :)


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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

These are all FABULOUS and LOVING the tips!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dr Sonia S V said...

OOoh you make it all sound so much fun and totally doable...I dont scrapbook because I didnt know where to are so inspiring Yvonne...thanking for sharing such fabulous tips
Dr Sonia

Audrey Pettit said...

LOVE this post, my friend! You always have such great tips, and your layouts are priceless!

Suman Pandit said...

agree with Sonia make it sound so do-able Yvonne, great fun reading this post !!

Cindy deRosier said...

Great tips! As fairly frequent travelers, my solution to mountains of travel photos is ONE double-page spread per trip. I know that wouldn't work for 99% of scrappers, but it works for me. The trip and story highlights are documented and I'm not drowning in vacation pics.

Lisa said...

They all look amazing!! And what fabulous tips - I need them after coming back from vacation!! I need to scrap my photos!! Have a great day :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

Jasleen Kaur said...

Wow! Yvonne ! They are all just superb ! And your pictures made me smile :) .....I'm a big admirer of the way you scrap your pics and tell a story through your layouts.

Lizzy Hill said...

Fabulous tips....really interested in this cos we're planning a big trip next year.....LOVE how you've scrapped similar stuff to what I would especially FOOD! And how you've focused on the memories that are important to you....I WISH I could do what Cindy commented. One double per trip. But that simply wouldn't work for me! But go her:):)

Annette Allen said...

thanks for the tips.. all of your layouts are awesome. I bet you get a laugh or two while flipping through your books.. you always capture some funny moments.. :)

Lynn said...

I thoroughly enjoyed traveling with your family via your photos and scrapbook layouts. Can I be part of your family? We travel a lot but no one prints out our digital photos or turns them into scrapbooks....I guess that should be my guys would never do it. I guess I should get started....I'm only 40 years behind...LOL!

Lisa's Creative Niche said...

These layouts are all so awesome! Love how you mix and match products and patterns!

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