When cousins hang out


So I finally printed out these photos from May 2022's gathering and got them documented on a scrapbook page.*triumphant music plays in the background*

I love how mum and her sister + cousins are just giggling away at an inside job oblivious to my camera clicking away. *winks*

Now that I am printing larger photos, it is a tad more challenging to fit them on a single 12x12 page. Since I really want to focus on my mum and aunties' faces, I just overlapped the photos so that I have more space to embellish. :)

Quite a fun page eh? *LOL*


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Cindy deRosier said...

I love everything about this! Great idea overlapping the photos - it is all about their joy being together. No brothers or male cousins? Or were they just not invited to be in the photo?

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