A week in quick portrait sketches


I have really been enjoying these quick portrait sketches as I "warm up" to ease myself back into drawing/painting portraits.

I decided to challenge myself to work on angled faces...

The goal is just to get the placement of the features in the "right" spots.

I used only 1 coloured pencil so I wasn't able to get much depth.

And I used coloured pencils so that the mark-making is deliberate as I can't erase any "mistakes".

Then I. progressed to using 2 shades of the same colour - a mid-tone and a darker shade - so that I can create shadows and get more depth.

I can see myself making slight improvements with each portrait sketch. What do you think? Should I dive right back in to full-colour portraits? *winks*


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Cindy deRosier said...

Time to dive in!

Lizzyc said...

wow these are very good love the two toned ones.

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