The story about the cheese tarts


So two Saturdays ago, I tried my hand at baking some Japanese-inspired baked cheese tarts. Apparently, the Japanese have got the perfect formula for creating the most delectable cheese tarts which you can eat in several ways - 

1. Fresh out of the oven with soft centers of lava cheese oozing out.
2. Chilled so the cheese custard tastes like soft-serve ice-cream.
3. Room temperature - gooey, creamy and delicious.

Like with most of my baking adventures, I researched extensively online for the most "doable" recipes and then tweaked them to suit my needs. I have only been baking for a year but I find that reducing sugars by at least 1/3 and up to 1/2 of the original recipes doesn't affect the actual baking. Once you reduce the sweetness, you can better taste the other flavours in your baked products [You should see nephew #2's face when he ate my lemon curd tart...I was sure he would give up eating it since it was really tangy...but it seems he now has a better appreciation of lemons...*winks*].

Even though I have amassed quite a bit of baking equipment in the last year, apparently I didn't invest in individual small tart tins or pastry cutters. *LOL* So I weighed the dough, rolled them as evenly as I could and then stuffed them in my muffin tray. And hoped for the best.

I was supposed to blind bake the tart shells, take them out of the tray, add in the cheese custard and then bake them till they turn a nice toasty brown.

Of course, the tart shells were too delicate to come out of the muffin tray (errr...I didn't grease the tray) so I had to fill them up with the cheese custard and send them off for the final bake with my fingers crossed. *LOL*

They came out smelling soooooooo good. But of course, there was THE problem of actually getting them out of the muffin tray. The Gangster Gang (niece + 3 nephews) were all set with their spoons to eat those cheese tarts out of the muffin tray. *picture the scene with your mind's eye...hehe*

But the tart shells shrank as they cooled and with the added weight of the cheese custard, I was able to get the cheese tarts out of the muffin tray totally intact! Yay! :)

But the good fortune didn't last long. Everyone wanted one and refused to share. So my sister and I didn't even get to eat the cheese tarts except for some crumbs left by the niece.... :(  So I baked more the very next day. These photos were actually taken from the second bake because with all the drama, I didn't manage to take any photos! *LOL*

And that is the story about the cheese tarts....my little baking adventure..hehe. 

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Cindy deRosier said...

Yum! I'd gobble this up too, though I would share a bite with the cook! I can't believe you didn't get to try your own creation the first time. It sounds like you should be making a double batch of everything!

Audrey Pettit said...

I absolutely love hearing about your baking adventures! And I think you are really brave to tackle these cheese tarts with just a year of baking experience! I am always nervous of something with a custard like base! Haha! Great story and GREAT layout! I am totally crazy about your paper weaving!

Lisa said...

Aw, after reading this I want one of your cheese tarts!! They sound so yummy!! Your layout is spectacular, as always!! Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

Lynn said...

Love the story behind the photo. I also love Japanese custard tarts but never had enough ambition to try to recreate them even though I love baking and eating desserts. Your layout is fabulous fun too!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

LOVED this story and so happy you scrapped about it!!! This is FABULOUS! LOVING the weaved papers!!!!!!!!!

Laura Creates said...

Super page Yvonne, love the texture and that weaving! Thank you for joining us at Stuck?! Sketches!

Mitralee said...

Oh goodness this page is stunning! Love the colors! And I am wishing I had a tart myself!!

Ashley S said...

Wow! The paper weaving is gorgeous! And I loved reading your story. Thank you for joining us at Stuck Sketches.

ÅsaJ said...

Great take on the sketch. Love the autumn colors! Thanks for joining Stuck?! Sketches! Hugs Åsa

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