The eye: 2 ways

As you know, I have an eye drawing obsession. I love how detailed you can get with the iris and the reflections. :) Last month, I went back to basics and learned how to draw the eye with graphite pencils on gray toned paper [along the way, I got side-tracked and drew a bunny, a dog,  a cat and a fox - see them on my Instagram account]. It's amazing what one can achieve with just a few pencils, a tortillon and an eraser.

If you are interested in drawing an eye with graphite pencils, have a look at this video tutorial by Matt at The Virtual Instructor...

I like that he not only demonstrates his techniques but also shares why each step is important in building up a range of values to create a realistic-looking eye in graphite. I have learned a lot from his video tutorials.

But you know I can't stay away from colours for too long so I tried an eye with Rembrandt soft pastels, blending with a tortillon and my fingers. And added the eyelashes with a pastel pencil.

Again, I was inspired by Matt at The Virtual Instructor...check out this awesome video tutorial.

Yes, I know my eye drawings are nowhere like Matt's...even the angles are different but you know how I am about copying stuff...*winks* For me, I like to learn techniques and implement them in my own way. 

Happy week ahead friends...I was travelling last week so I'll catch up on your blogs this week!


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Hussena said...

Your drawings are so realistic looking. I'm in complete awe! Love both the BnW and coloured version :)

Lizzyc said...

Oh wow I think your drawings of eyes look amazing.. do much detail.. they look pretty good to me..

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

You are simply amazing! These are gorgeous!!!!

Reusing Cards & Quilling said...

OMG..blown away with the amount of detailing and realistic look !

Lisa said...

Wow!! You are so talented!! The eyes are amazing!! I love both versions!! They are perfection!! Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

Cindy deRosier said...

Blown. Away.

Lizzy Hill said...

Looking really good Yvonne - & an easy thing to take away and be crafty when you're not home! win win I'd say..... & I love that you do your 'own thing' within the boundaries you set yourself:):)

Audrey Pettit said...

Your drawings just blow me away, Yvonne! To me, your eyes have always been my favorite part. Amazing to me how much life and soul you manage to convey! Wow

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