Cute! reveal and winner!

Hello! As promised (see yesterday's post), here's the Cute! reveal...the folded flap opens for some hidden journaling and there's a pocket under that for the pull-out card! And the winner is Maggi! Yay!

Thanks for playing along! :) This has been fun! I'm in the midst of organizing my scrap supplies so stay tuned for more RAKs! *wink*

By the way, has some awesome ideas for hidden journaling! Check it out HERE! Hope they inspire you! Pin It


jacque4u2c said...


Maggi said...

ME?!?!?! Wowowowowow, I can't believe I got that second one right! lol Yippee! My day is totally made! lol Thank you!!!

cindy said...

congrats maggi! :)

adrienia said...

Cutie cutie monkey

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