Mad House

Mad House? Nah...just sugar high from all the candy...I consider myself a pretty good negotiator when it comes to achieving a win-win situation with my I was reading somewhere that people "bribe" kids with treats to get the "perfect" experience was a total fiasco of course...[check out those]...Turns out you are supposed to take the photos first, then give the treats as a reward. I gave the treats first and by the time we got set up for the shoot...I got funny faces, giggling and NO cooperation...Oh well, we did have fun!

I did get a layout of that day done with this week's song at Scrapping the Music - Our House. Some Sassafras scraps...I really love the paint masking effect...;) This time I tried it with double layer stitching this time....A lot of work but it came out really nice...(I think)..the background cardstock is dark grey and really hard to photograph.

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naomi chokr said...

i love this!!

Dustjacket Attic said...

Oh yes, there is that saying don't work with children .... great you had some fun though. Really cute :)

Dora said...

Love love love all the little pictures and that great colors!

Denise said...

love the way you did the title!!! Awesome Awesome layout!!!!

bee said...

hi yvonne,

the masking effect and the stitching is fantastic! and I the love the question mark. this is a great LO!

Cindy said...

this is just so cute :) i try to bribe my own son to try and get decent far, it hasn't really worked out for me since no matter how hard he tries, he just can't sit still for more than two seconds! ARGH!

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